Asshats pissed off by lesbian kiss at ballgame

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Asshats pissed off by lesbian kiss at ballgame

Seriously, fuck Christians up the ass with a chainsaw.

Lesbian Kiss at Seattle Ballpark Stokes Controversy
By Manuel Valdes, Associated Press
June 05, 2008

Seattle (AP) - Most of the time, a kiss is just a kiss in the stands at Seattle Mariners games. The crowd hardly even pays attention when fans smooch.

But then last week, a lesbian complained that an usher at Safeco Field asked her to stop kissing her date because it was making another fan uncomfortable.

The incident has exploded on local TV, on talk radio and in the blogosphere and has touched off a debate over public displays of affection in generally gay-friendly Seattle.

"Certain individuals have not yet caught up. Those people see a gay or lesbian couple and they stare or say something," said Josh Friedes of Equal Rights Washington. "This is one of the challenges of being gay. Everyday things can become sources of trauma."

As the Mariners played the Boston Red Sox on May 26, Sirbrina Guerrero and her date were approached in the third inning by an usher who told them their kissing was inappropriate, Guerrero said.

The usher, Guerrero said, told them he had received a complaint from a woman nearby who said that there were kids in the crowd of nearly 36,000 and that parents would have to explain why two women were kissing.

"I was really just shocked," Guerrero said. "Seattle is so gay-friendly. There was a couple like seven rows ahead making out. We were just showing affection."

On Monday, Mariners spokeswoman Rebecca Hale said that the club is investigating but that the usher was responding to a complaint of two women "making out" and "groping" in the stands.

"We have a strict non-discrimination policy at the Seattle Mariners and at Safeco Field, and when we do enforce the code of conduct it is based on behavior, not on the identity of those involved," Hale said.

The code of conduct -- announced before each game -- specifically mentions public displays of affection that are "not appropriate in a public, family setting." Hale said those standards are based on what a "reasonable person" would find inappropriate.

Guerrero denied she and her date were groping each other, saying that along with eating garlic fries, they were giving each other brief kisses.

On Tuesday, Guerrero said a Mariners director of guest services had apologized to her. The team spokeswoman could not immediately confirm that.

After the story broke, the Mariners were blasted by the sex-advice columnist Dan Savage, who wrote about the incident on the blog of the Stranger, an alternative weekly paper.

"I constantly see people making out," Savage said. "My son has noticed and asked, `Do they show the ballgame on women's foreheads?'"

Savage called for a "kiss-in" to protest against the Mariners.

Web sites have been swamped with blog postings for and against Guerrero and her date. And the story has people talking in Seattle.

"I would be uncomfortable" seeing public displays of affection between lesbians or gay men, said Jim Ridneour, a 54-year-old taxi driver. "I don't think it's right seeing women kissing in public. If I had my family there, I'd have to explain what's going on."

"It all depends on the degree," Mark Ackerman said as he waited for a hot dog outside Safeco Field before Wednesday's game. "Even for heterosexual couples."

Since the incident, Guerrero's job and her past have come under scrutiny. She works at a bar known for scantily clad women and was a contestant on the MTV reality show "A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila," in which women and men compete for the affection of a bisexual Internet celebrity.

"People are saying it's 15 more minutes for my career," Guerrero said of the ballpark furor, "but this is not making me look very good."

In 2007, an Oregon transit agency chief apologized after a lesbian teenager was kicked off a bus when a passenger complained about her kissing another girl.

Also in 2007, a gay rights group protested a Kansas City, Mo., restaurant they said ejected four women because two of them kissed, and a Texas state trooper was placed on probation in 2004 for telling two gay men who were kissing at the state Capitol that homosexual conduct was illegal in Texas.

"There's a double standard. That's the bottom line," said Pat Griffin, director of the It Takes a Team! Education Campaign, an initiative from the Women's Sports Foundation to eliminate homophobia in sports.

(Copyright 2008 Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed)


I totally call bullshit. No way would there have been bitching if it was a man and a woman. If it was 2 men they'd have most likely shit their pants.


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Matt, you wrote, "I totally

Matt, you wrote, "I totally call bullshit. No way would there have been bitching if it was a man and a woman. If it was 2 men they'd have most likely shit their pants."


<<<...SIGH...>>>  I wish I could honestly say you're wrong, Matt.


But I can't.



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Get over HOMO phobia , big

Get over HOMO phobia , big fucking deal , get naked everyone , fuck in public, die in public. I recommend everyone do LSD under the supervision of a certified pro. Wow how the mind works .... and the ancients did mushrooms. This mind altering experience tells us we are chemically closed minded .... We are stuck in our limited perceptions .... A zap to the mind will change you. People go crazy too ..... What are we? ....  WE are our minds, but what is that .....  reality ..... ?  What reality  .... How so .....  

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Just awful that these 2

Just awful that these 2 ladies have to go through this. I guarantee the usher was the ONLY one offended and used the "complaints from a lady in the bleachers" excuse to stop what he found to be distasteful.

Also...I read twice in that article (regarding a child seeing the kiss) "...I would have to explain what was happening to our kids"

Really? Well fuck, imagine the need to actually TALK to your kids???

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If this were in the Middle

If this were in the Middle East it would be a honor killing.  Heck a girl who talks to man unsupervised or unapproved by a family member can have her life taken by their own family.  How fucked up is that?  Here you get complaints or dirty looks.

Wafa Sultan has a lot of bravado to reach to this level.  If only we had 1000s more like her to enlighten the religious cretins maybe we can fast forward Islam from where Christianity is now (somewhat tolerant).





Following are excerpts from an interview with Arab-American psychiatrist Wafa Sultan, which aired on Al-Hayat TV on May 29, 2008.

Wafa Sultan: When I examined the Koran, the hadith, and the Islamic books under a microscope, I came to the absolute conviction that it is impossible – impossible! – for any human being to read the biography of Muhammad and believe in it, and yet emerge a psychologically and mentally healthy person.


Do you remember the way that [the Prophet Muhammad] killed ‘Asmaa bint Marwan? His followers tore her body apart limb from limb, while she was breastfeeding her child. When they returned to him shouting “Allah Akbar,” he said: “No two goats will lock horns over her.” As you know, goals lock horns over the most inconsequential thing. For Muhammad, however, the killing of a woman while breastfeeding was too trivial a reason for goats “to lock horns over.” Is this a prophet of God?


It makes me very sad that Al-Jazeera TV allows an insane and terroristic creature like Al-Qaradhawi to use it as a medium for the spreading of his poisons, his terroristic fatwas, and his babbling. The words he used against me incited many young Muslims – who have been brainwashed and blindfolded, and who have been programmed to hate – to rain curses and threats upon me, right after the show in which he discussed my appearance on Al-Jazeera.


When Islam considers women to be deficient in reason, and I refute this assertion – in that case Islam attacks me, and I am merely attacking back. When Islam calls to kill whoever does not believe in it, and I refute this, in that case Islam attacks me, and I am merely attacking back. I do not attack Islam. I criticize it, but unfortunately, we, the victims of Islamic upbringing, view any criticism as an attack.


I always focus on the language – the language of Islam. The language of Islam is a negative, dead language, replete with violence, anger, hatred, and racism. Man is the product of language, the outcome of the negative and positive language to which he is exposed in this lifetime. If his life is dominated by negative language, he will emerge as a negative, reckless, and non-productive person, who rejects everything. On the other hand, if positive language dominates his life, he will emerge as a positive, happy, and productive person. This is why the negative language of Islam has failed. It has failed to produce people with a spontaneous and positive outlook. It has produced negative people. If we take a look at Islamic societies, we see what that negative man did.


I do not view Islam as a religion – according to my notion of religion. Islam is a political doctrine, which imposes itself by force. Any doctrine whatsoever that calls to kill those who do not believe in it is not a religion. It is a totalitarian doctrine that imposes itself by force. When I read, for example, the verse: “The adulterer and the adulteress – flog each of them with a hundred stripes, and do not let compassion for them move you” - I do not discern any spirituality in this verse. Whena certain faith manages to can strip its believers of their last grain of compassion, it strips them of their spirituality as well.


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Rev. Rea, I'm sorry, did

Rev. Real, I'm sorry, did your post have a point that I somehow missed?  Was it intended to be in any way relevant to the discussion at hand?

Speaking of that, asshats need to stop being so prudish.

BigUniverse wrote,

"Well the things that happen less often are more likely to be the result of the supper natural. A thing like loosing my keys in the morning is not likely supper natural, but finding a thousand dollars or meeting a celebrity might be."

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Thomathy wrote:Rev. Real,

Thomathy wrote:

Rev. Real, I'm sorry, did your post have a point that I somehow missed?  Was it intended to be in any way relevant to the discussion at hand?

I was going to make my own thread, but MattShizzle already did and I just wanted to piggyback.  I read a lot of blogs and this one came from Atheist Media which is a good source of daily videos.

It doesn't matter whether it is christian, muslim, or just intolerance from the culture.  It happens everywhere on this planet.  This is the internet so it would be ethnocentric to think this kind of shit only happens here.  It's just worse over there.

The Middle East is gaining a lot of wealth and building a middle class where these kinds of sexual mores will be brought up.  When you see how they treat sexuality in general in that area and you read articles like Porn dominates Saudi mobile use and 15 yr old boy gets gang raped in Dubai and Gay night at club gets shut down by police so I have to wonder why there is so much idiocracy over there.

Oh yeah I wanted to go to Dubai to chase the wealth over there even though I know the culture would suck.  Of course I would be on the DL working a square job in a restaurant.  I think it's just a matter of time that Dubai turns into a Las Vegas type Sin City.  I think in a few years there will be casinos there.  They already have plenty of whores that are trafficked and enslaved there from Europe.  It makes me mad.