Minister gets 3 years in Russian prison for transporting ammo.

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Minister gets 3 years in Russian prison for transporting ammo.

Typical of theists to cry foul when their leaders break the law. Some are crying foul and saying that the sentance was too harsh considering the title of the convicted and why he did what he did.

A Baptist Minister from America has been convicted in Russia for illegally bringing in hunting rifle ammo. People at home want him to be given some slack. GIVE ME A BREAK. He was not convicted based on his religion or where he was from. HE WAS CONVICTED FOR ILLEGALLY BRINGING IN AMMO! If it happened to anyone else odds are the sentence would be relitively the same.


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Why would anyone be allowed

Why would anyone be allowed to take ammo into another country? I don't understand the laws but was he allowed to do so as he was seen as "safe" as a pastor?

And this gem:

"Most troubling to Holt (pastors friend) about the conviction is its implication of some sort of disrespect for the law on Miles'(pastor) part, which Holt said directly contradicts Miles' personal beliefs and teaching:

"The authority given to the government is given by God, so you should honor that"


Just because someone preaches something, doesn't mean the follow what they are preaching. It is apparent that the pastors friend would parrot the same thing if the pastor had been accused of smuggling little boys because as everyone knows, leaders of the church should be trusted at all costs!

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