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I saw an interview with Rob Stewart quite awhile ago on this film he put together called Sharkwater and it won me over despite me not having ever seen the movie.  Been waiting far too long now to see it and a random check on their site and found it finally came out on DVD.  Thrilled, ordered on blue-ray right away.  One of the few films / groups I am more than happy to give my money to based on everything I have read.

Has anyone else seen it? Ordered it?  If you don't know about it, it's worth checking out.

This Q&A alone won me over:
4. Have your life been in danger while shooting the film? Why?

A half dozen times. We were shot at, chased by the mafia, I almost lost my leg to flesh eating disease, I had dengue fever, west Nile virus, and tuberculosis all at the same time. I was also lost, floating in the Pacific ocean for half a day when I surfaced from a dive 2 kilometers from my boat.

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   Sharks ROCK ..... 

   Sharks ROCK .....  they are us ..... all is one .....  cool  vid  .....  

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Sharkwater is leftist

Sharkwater is leftist claptrap.