Huge Mistake All Religion Has Made

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Huge Mistake All Religion Has Made

That I didn't think of for a very long time, but when I had this epiphany it made me think of you guys (I haven't been on my atheist kick in about 5 months...hey a PS3 does that to you lol) so I had to share. There is a big flaw in the main religions and one that I'm sure virtually all of them make, and that is they created their concept of god using humans as a template. And the more I let that specifically sink in, the dumber it seems.

Muslims Christians and most every religion I can think of apply human characteristics to the being they call god.  We as humans need to spend about 1/3 of our life in an unconscious state, we need food and water, we can get sick, hurt and eventually cease to exist.  Why then would a being that essentially caused everything to be, sustains everything and can end EVERYTHING when it so chooses act anything like a human? It's a silly proposition to say a being with that total and complete control over everything can become jealous, or angry either with one human or us as a collective race. What makes them believe that a being like that can "love" something like a human loves, that is deem someone or something precious because they/it are not promised to them tomorrow? Why would such a being say "I am a jealous god, don't worship anyone else or I'll get pissed"? Jealousy is a weakness, and a being strong enough to....cause everything is anything BUT weak.

On a side note: the creation of the devil is equally stupid, because when you really think about the magnitude of power something would have to display to create this universe and it's laws, it the being desired it evil would not exist. But that is for another day.

But add that to your ammunition next time you want to shut up a theist. I'm pretty sure it will at least get them to think which is what you want with these people. My 2 cents.

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Well it stands to reason

Well it stands to reason that god would have all these attributes. Theists might claim that it is because we are created in their image. I am not sure what the bible means by lets create man in our own image, but that's another thread I think. So it may stand to reason that a god has emotions, etc... if we do. However, emotions like anger and jealously should be beyond the realm of an all-knowing and omnipotent being. My problem is not so much emotions, but the need for worship. If a deity existed I can only imagine why it would require worship. Why would I appreciate something in a god that I despise in a human being? Love is one thing, but the constant need for affirmation is like the girlfriend that always want to hear how pretty she is. If god is real it probably gets tired of hearing how great its followers think it is. If it doesn't get tired of it, I can see why satan said "see ya!"

On a side note, I was watching The Matrix the other day and l saw the part where they talk about the first matrix program. The first matrix was perfect, no sickness or poverty or whatever and the humans wouldn't accept the program and it failed. It made me think of the promises of the christian/muslim heaven LOL. I think they are right because we tend to define our existence through misery and suffering, which is incompatible with "heaven". How long before god's followers rebeled too?

I don't understand the devil concept either. We're told that satan rebeled against god, but I don't see an instance where he did nothing but follow god's orders. At the insistance of god, he supposedly cursed, killed and maimed to prove a point. A rebel would have told god to go fuck himself. Satan and his demons were cast to Earth and they are supposed to operate under some control from god I have to assume. I would tink that a loving god would have some limits to what satan could do. If they were to have free reign over this planet I have to question god's intelligence.

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  Yeah IntellectualTitan ,

  Yeah IntellectualTitan , your 2 cents is priceless, thanks for caring, wake up the neighbors. Keep teaching .....

"The more you know about the world around you, the less you have to make up."