We're all going to heaven!

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We're all going to heaven!

Good news! Or maybe not. I heard Rick Warren on Fox News tell us what we need to do to go to heaven. Here's the trick:


Give as much of yourself as you understand to as much as you understand about me(Jesus) and then keep growing in it.”

So people with no knowledge of the bible, the Jesus story or Christian theology can just show up at his church and he can tell them from day one they are going to heaven.

But I think this would apply to us as well. We understand Jesus to be a legend or myth story of an ancient Jewish sect. We are giving ourselves to Jesus as much as we understand this. We will continue to grow in our understanding of the reality of the myth, right? We pass the test!!! We're all going to Heaven!!!

Then he said "Heaven is a place that is unbelievable". So, start believing the unbelievable, force yourself. We're going to an unbelievable place whether we believe it or not. Do you believe this?



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