The Very Best of the World's Worst Christians

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The Very Best of the World's Worst Christians

My story of being attacked by a Christian:

I recently experienced a difficult situation. The dorm building at my university is set up where each person has a room to themselves and shares a lounge and a restroom with 3 other people. One of the suitemates I lived with (I will explain why I moved shortly) was a very devout Catholic interational student from a rich south american family. For the purpose of this discussion, we will call him "Pablo" and we will call his identical twin brother living one floor down from us "Juan". Since he moved here in the fall, he had been a reasonable, open minded, accepting person like "Jesus" probably would have wanted until recently.

In the past month I could sense that there was something wrong with him as he was being slightly hostile to me, though I didn't think it was anything other than that he was nervous about his very disciplinarian father from Peru coming to visit. Finally, about a week ago a new person who we will call "Steve" moved into the empty room two doors down from me and right next to him. Steve was only temoprarily going to be living there. Pablo and Juan instigated a severe verbal altercation with Steve the day he moved in. I had to break up the violent encounter before it turned physical. I calmed everyone down and managed to convince Pablo and Juan to be civil with Steve under the pretext that Steve was going to move away soon. Over the next week Pablo went from being relatively sensible to very confrontational and very hostile and judgemental toward me which was unique because I was always the only one here that he had never treated in such a way. This hostility included a two hour attempt by him to convert me to Catholicism using circular reasoning that might have worked on an 8 year old.

The situation finally boiled over late one evening about a week after Steve moved in when I mentioned to Pablo that I might soon be leaving the room to move down the hall because I didn't feel comfortable living there any more. He became very angry at me so I closed and locked the door to my room. He then attacked by kicking the door and hammering on it with his fists and screaming obscenities and threats at me including the ever popular "you're going to hell". Thankfully, the doors in the building are very sturdy made of solid oak with commercial grade locks and steel door jams. Trapped in my room, I had no choice but to call the police and wait until he was finished with his temper tantrum and had given up before leaving my room to go talk to the cops who were on their way into the building by the time I was able to leave the room.

The university police got the housing department involved and they ended up having to move me to another room in the middle of the night. I grabbed my bare essential necessities (laptop, blanket, alarm clock, etc...) and slept in the new room. The next day I explained the situation in more detail to the university authorities and the head resident director made the change permenant.

In the end, Pablo is the only one who is going to get judged as he is facing a university sanctioned judiciary committee and any subsequent sanctions or consequences imposed by the committe. His father who is also religious but much more open minded is also coming in a couple of days and Pablo is going to have more trouble (including having to wait longer to get the fancy mercedes he wants) once his father finds out about his shitty grades and the trouble he is making and how Pablo alienated the only American to actually care about him.


Update: He destroyed the last piece of furniture I had yet to move out (pictured in thumbnail)