Carnival of the Godless #89

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I am honored to be hosting the 89th Carnival of the Godless, but before we begin, I need to tell the readers something.

All of the following people are bad representatives of atheism.

At least in somebody's opinion. Every person here adheres to a particular viewpoint, methodology, or philosophy with which some other atheist disagrees. Every single one of them. Yet, here they are, spewing their ideas all over the internet with impunity. The horror! What kind of arrogance would compel these people to voice their ill-informed opinions as if they speak for all atheists? You know, they're doing more harm than good.

At least, that's what we're told. That's what "they" (cue spooky music) want us to believe. But how much truth lies in those accusations? Are those statements not also an opinion that may offend somebody else, likely the person at whom they are directed? Might not that also be perceived as detrimental to "the cause?"

The strength, and weakness, ironically, of atheism is found somewhere in the cacophony of voices boisterously discussing, debating, even arguing, about the multitude of differing opinions on absolutely any subject. There is no official arbiter to whom we defer--there is no dogmatic adherence to a code of any sort. And while I do not know whether there is a right or wrong side in this matter, I do know that it takes all sorts of people to get anything done--the outspoken, the introverted, the contemplative, the determined, the educated, the uneducated, the friendly, the angry. No one person is a good representative of the diversity and differences of the atheist community.

Almost one year ago, Brian and I appeared on Nightline with the Banana Boys, Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. It was an experience about which I still can't decide how I feel, so I vacillate between wishing it had never happened (although there would be no crocoduck...) and wishing I could do it again. The deluge of criticisms poured in, and continue to this day. Some constructive; some not so. But, despite all the people telling us that we had done irreparable damage to "atheism" by our amateur performance, not everybody felt that way. I received this email today:
    "I have officially stopped being a Christian since watching your awesome
    debate against Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. Mr. Brian and Ms. Kelly, you
    rock. You defended your beliefs well and kicked arse. I just wanted to
    thank RRS for freeing my mind. If you have any, ANY, info, please send it
    my way!!!"-A.A.

In my mind, even if this was the only email of this nature (which it isn't), it was worth it. And you can take from that whatever you choose.


Welcome to the April 13, 2008 edition of carnival of the godless.

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Jason presents 1689: Kazimierz Lyszczynski, the first Polish atheist posted at Executed Today, saying, "I know this is pretty late for the March 30 carnival; I hope not *too* late ... what can I say? I'm constrained by history."

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Ariah Fine presents Isn’t It The Churches Job? So, Why Do We Ask The Government? posted at Trying to Follow.

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Ron Britton presents Abortion is Hugely Profitable posted at Bay of Fundie.

eltower presents Gott mit uns posted at Gospel of Reason, saying, ""In the dark depths of the lack of knowledge of early human history, maps can be found in divine interpretations, counsel is given from trances and most importantly deeds, good or evil, bear from a higher cause. Of course, depending on where you look, not much has changed at all. One would be hard pressed to believe that a world where superpowers invade sovereign countries because ‘God’ told them so was a world in the XXI century, and not in the age of the Trojan Wars.""

Michael Dorian presents POLYGAMY IN TEXAS—OR RAPE AND PEDOPHILIA? posted at NYC-Atheists Blog, saying, "The Carnival of the Godless Blog is a tremendous idea. My blog is relatively new (just three months old) and I've been doing my darnedest to attract traffic. So glad I came across this. I hope my submission is selected. In any case, I'll be back for more. And thanks!"

Rook Hawkins presents On Paul and Identity.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of the godless using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Holy crap! Is it already

Holy crap! Is it already pushing a year? How time flies...

I get quite a giggle out of the very idea that "atheism" can be hurt by anything anyone does. I mean, being and atheist describes only the tiniest bit of who I am. In fact, being an atheist describes only a small part of one facet of myself, that being I'm a skeptical person. Atheism is not even an additive description, it's a null!

So, atheism doesn't need a "positive face", it needs to be part of the landscape. You know, so it's not this scary thing that hides in the shadows, but instead have it seen as what it really is: There are folks out there who just don't believe and that's no big deal.

So there's a really tremendous range of acceptable behavior on the part of any "activist". From ridiculing the gullible to gentle "well framed" refutations of woo and religion - it all works toward making atheism part of the world in the eyes of "the masses".

Personally, I liked what you and Brian did up there while debating the Crockoduck Gang. Less because of such shining moments as Brian calmly (and rightly) claiming victory and mentioning you two hadn't left as a matter of courtesy as much as it brought a new group of young and intelligent atheists into the national spotlight. Well done!

"Anyone can repress a woman, but you need 'dictated' scriptures to feel you're really right in repressing her. In the same way, homophobes thrive everywhere. But you must feel you've got scripture on your side to come up with the tedious 'Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve' style arguments instead of just recognising that some people are different." - Douglas Murray

Guess it was too late for the March 30 carnival...

Ha.  But thanks for including it anyway, and for hosting.

I don't think I realized it would put me within two degrees of separation of Ted Koppel.

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Quote:What kind of arrogance

What kind of arrogance would compel these people to voice their ill-informed opinions as if they speak for all atheists? You know, they're doing more harm than good.

You know, Kelly, I've been taking on some pretty controversial topics in the last couple of months.  I've hit prostitution, morality, sexuality, childrearing, and marriage.  Curiously, I'm not getting much argument of fact.  What I'm getting is criticism for what people perceive as universal statements.  When I say, "Humans are mildly polygamous," I get barraged by people saying, "I don't cheat on my wife!  Why are you saying everybody is polygamous!?  I'm happy with one woman."  Never mind that the objection doesn't fit the statement I made.  The point is that atheists and theists alike seem to be entrenched in a perpetual false dichotomy.  If I say humans are polygamous, I must mean that every human is polygamous.  If I say prostitution is not inherently immoral, I must be saying that it is always moral.  If I say marriage was tailored to suit the needs of the state, not the individual, I must be saying that all marriages are based on lies.

(As an example, "atheists and theists alike seem to be entrenched..." is going to be read by someone as "all atheists, etc..." )

One day, it would be interesting to have a discussion of why this is.  I suspect that the Christian West is more susceptible to this kind of thinking because of the inherently dichotomous nature of Christianity.  It is part of our culture.  I'm also pretty certain that it's built into human nature to some degree, so that Christianity is exploiting an existing tendency, not creating a new, "unnatural" system.

In any case, it seems that what you're talking about is related.  If Sam Harris thinks that meditation is a good way for people to have "spirituality" without theism, he gets blasted for being harmful to atheism, as if there's a dichotomy.  Either all atheists must meditate, or none can!

If Christopher Hitchens is a war hawk, then all atheists must be anti-Islamic, or the whole "movement" fails.

How many atheists have left RRS in the past year or so because they were upset that one of the core members held a differing opinion and voiced it strongly?  I don't know the exact number, but it's definitely more than zero.  How many wars have been waged between atheist websites because one site thinks the other one is "doing it wrong"?

In a way, I'm happy to see the debates.  Better atheists disagree vehemently and make a big shitstorm than lay about quietly accepting whatever the Christians hand us.  On the other hand, it would be a bit more encouraging if most atheists could be a bit more... um... scientific about their disagreements.  I'm reminded of the story in one of Dawkins' books about the scientist who was publicly debunked by a young scientist.  After the presentation, the scientist shook the younger man's hand and thanked him for setting him straight.  I don't ask that other atheist sites come to us and thank us.  Internet atheism is new and young, and frankly, we don't know for sure what's going to work and what won't.  I just wish that more atheists could realize that absolutes are the domain of theists, and should be abandoned with theism.


Atheism isn't a lot like religion at all. Unless by "religion" you mean "not religion". --Ciarin
Books about atheism

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Well said, Hambydammit. You

Well said, Hambydammit. You just said everything I've been struggling to put into thoughts/words recently!