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Will creationists ever realise that evolution is irrelevant to their beliefs?

Or at least most of their beliefs. I find it confusing how theists attack a proven observation, always starting with the creation of life. None of them seem to realise that evolution is not the description of the formation of life. It merely explains how life can change from one form to another, ending up with a diversity of life such as that found on Earth, starting from a very few simple organisms or a single simple organism. Evolution has nothing to do with the appearence of life itself, just what happened after the fact.

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I am Vastet, and I am god. Or at least, as much a god as anything is. I chose the field of gaming to watch over as my passion, though slapping around religious nuts and showing them the error of their ways has become a past time of mine over the years. Since this is an athiest site, I probably won't spend a tonne of time here. It's not as fun slapping people when they believe the same thing you do. > >

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