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Is hate real?

Cinematically, sure. But in real life? I don't know. So I ask you:

Have you ever hated something, or most especially someone?

I don't mean getting angry or disgusted or even furious, but real HATE. As in, if you could obliterate its existence with a thought, you would?

I personally have never experienced this emotion, so I must question its existence.

I have been and can be a total asshole. But if you're willing to change, so am I. It's how I can out troll a troll. It's also how I can later become best friends with said troll.

Am I fucked up or lucky?

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Religion is dying, but is the prevailing destructive force a good thing?

I'll preface this as regarding North America. I can't speak for anywhere else, as I have too little experience with the rest of the world.
For the last 10-20+ years, at an accelerating pace, children are being taught to have healthy egos and self confidence. Often lamented by myself and others is that rarely is it justified. All the confidence in the world won't help you when you can't back it up.
It started, as many things do, with concerned parents. They didn't want their kids committing suicide or giving up hope for a brighter future.
Now it would seem I'm about to rant on the spiralling stupidity of the education system and the consequences of too much of a good thing, but I'm about to switch gears on you all. Because a side effect just occurred to me.
This has also had the effect of reducing belief in gods and religions. While the youngest generations are, in general, the cockiest and least educated (through no fault of their own, they didn't dumb down the education system), they are also the

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This is how you troll a gamer.

So I'm playing Transformers 2 online, and I'm playing a team DM (death match, for those unfamiliar with the acronym). I choose Starscream, as always, because he's fucking awesome. Join the game, and it's me and this guy Transformers-TF-1 vs 4 Autobots. Long story short, we owned the enemy so badly they couldn't even get a kill. 2 of them leave, a third switches teams, and my former teammate apparently decides it's time to see which of us is better, and he switches teams as well.
The next game is rather epic. The nub on my team quits halfway in, which is annoying. He sucked, but he was perfect for distracting the opponents so I could take them both down while he dies. Oh well, I know I'm better than Transformers-TF-1 by now, so it's just a matter of divide and conquer.
Unfortunately I couldn't kill them enough for the win, but I keep it tied up.
Game ends, I look at the stats:
Autobots 11
Decepticons 11
Kills Assists Deaths
Transformers-TF-1: 5 1 3
Nub: 0 1 9
Vastet: 7 2 2

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Feedback requested

In the last month, I've suddenly been told that I have an "epic voice", or something along those lines. I've been trying to figure two things out. The first is whether or not it's true, the second being what to do about it if so.
Obviously I can't ask people their views on my voice without a sound bite, which I'm currently too lazy to assemble (in part because I'm not sure I believe it yet).
But I can ask for some advice/input on where to go with it if it pans out.
I put a bit of thought into making vlogs, but I'm not sure I'd be able to create enough content to satisfy consumers on a continuing basis.
I thought of maybe doing commentary ala Day [9] and see where that goes (if you don't know who that is no problem, he's a former pro gamer that focuses significantly on StarCraft 2, with strategies and heavy insight, you can easily find him on youtube).
It dawned on me that perhaps if it is a great voice that maybe I could donate its use to the RRS whenever it may be useful.

Honestly, I'd never put any...

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Funny morning.

Roommates are off with family, I have the place to myself. Woken up hearing someone moving in the room beside mine. Grab weapon, jump up, and then decided I didn't want to massacre an intruder with bed hair, and grabbed my hair brush.

Turned out to be the cat anyway.

Time to get a coffee. Day that starts this way must be prepared for.

RRS wrote:
You Have Been A Member For 5 years 12 hours

Well what do ya know. It's already been 5 years since I found the RRS. Good times.

Vastet originally wrote:
Found this site after reading an interesting opinion article by Sam Harris at Not yet sure just how active a forumer I'll be here, but we'll see. I take things to a level beyond most, in that I deny the possibility of, not just the existance of, a supreme being of any intellect whatsoever. So I'm sure I'll be in good company here.

Was a little excited to find an atheist forum, so I wasn't concerning myself with details like logic at the time. lol.

Glad I stuck around though. Laughing out loud

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Iron Man 2 (Review)

Summary: Third person shooter, with melee capability. Based on Earth in the Marvel universe. Featuring Iron Man and War Machine.

Controls: The control scheme for this game is sufficient to beat the game, but is not particularly intuitive. If the game were more challenging then this would have been a bigger problem than it is, but it still affects enjoyment of the title.

The graphics in this game are reminiscent of the PS2/XBox generation. Environments and characters are more blocky than most current titles. In fact, FFX (2001) on the PS2 had superior graphics.

There are no significant problems with the sound, but it does give the impression of being unfinished. Mostly due to the story.
The voice acting was provided largely by the movie cast, and is as good as one can expect for the most part.

The setting varies mission to mission. Russia, the US, and unspecified airspace are the primary settings.

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Batman: Arkham City (Review)

Summary: Third person melee action adventure game. Based in a portion of Gotham City, in the DC universe. Featuring Batman, with add on content featuring Catwoman and Robin/Nightwing.

Controls: One of the most intuitive and responsive games out there, but the sheer number of options in a fight tend to mean you stick with your favourites in order to prevent "deer in headlights" syndrome (what do I hit him with next? Oh shit I died..).

The graphics in this game are top notch. I never noticed a single clipping problem, or any graphical artifacts. Settings and person's look as real as one can expect from a comic setting.

The sound is similarly excellent. Voice acting generally provided by the actors from the cartoon in the mid 90's is on cue and well performed.

The setting is Arkham City, a walled off section of Gotham designed to replace Arkham Asylum. As Bruce Wayne you are thrown inside, and begin the task of attempting to discover who is doing what, and what the ultimate purpose of the city is.


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Every year or so a topic comes around discussing death, and fear in regards to it. My response is always the same, though the wording may vary. In order to make it easier and faster to respond to such topics, I'm going to copy my last post on the subject here, so it can be easily retrieved. It will be multiple post due to a character limit on this system. And so without further ado...

After multiple occasions were I came within a hair of death, and a lot of introspection, I ceased worrying about it. There is only one difference between not being born and being dead. That difference is the mark you left on everyone you ever encountered directly or indirectly. Any time you taught someone something, every time you helped someone, even every time you screwed someone over had an impact on that person, which in turn had an impact on everyone they had an impact on. You will exist as long as humanity exists, because you made changes in people's lives, and those changes propagated throughout the species....

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The ultimate irony of theism

A theist believes he or she (hereafter referred to in plurality) is special. That god(s) watch over them. The funny thing is that this would work only if they believe god is special. So with theism you get a bunch of people making up a special fictional being so they can think they are special themselves. Displaced ego ftw...

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Why do we exist? Is incoherent.

I was tempted to write an essay, but I don't feel like going to the trouble of it with an entertainment system. Fortunately, it doesn't require one. This is very simple.
Before you can ask why, you must at least know what. Where, when, how, and even who (what, personified) can be helpful, but aren't inherently necessary, yet they can be depending on the why question.
To ask: Why is the sky blue?; you must first know that the sky can be blue at various times. If you don't know that the sky is blue, then the question is assuming that the sky is blue. In fact, the sky is not blue, it is black. But it appears to be blue to our eyes, and that is sufficient to ask why it is blue.
Life exists. We know it does. But we DON'T know exactly WHAT life is. 100,000 years of human history, and we still don't have a definition that fits all life, and only life. How then, can anyone ask why, when they don't even know what?

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