Am I dumb or smart?

Well in arguments over this topic people seem to ignore certain points a bring up. I would think the same would happen to other people also, but I kind of want to stick to my own experiences here.

Now I would think if I make a weak point it could easy be knocked down, so they probably would do that just to get it out of the way. Then if I make a strong point wouldn't that point be something to address as well? I have little to no formal education on these matters. So I'm pretty sure I'm not make rock solid arguments here, however the fact still remains. The fact being points are being over looked or ignored.

So is that they don't want to bother with the fool or is it that I really do have something a point? I am really torn here because I hate the idea of being a dumb ass, but hate the idea of being arrogant more.

On the other hand is my acknowledgment of my own ignorance making me intelligent? I know that touches on Socrates’ idea of true wisdom, but he did get killed for it. (uh that is some I learned this week)

I would still think either way there response is from one of two extremes on my part, if it isn't them not wanting to hear what I have to say or something about my age or education anyway. However in a lot of cases they respond to others (hearing out arguments) and/or don't know about my age or education.

This may have been a ramble and contained many spelling and/or grammar errors, I don't really care...

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It's just a little

It's just a little self-doubt. Everyone experiences it. You're not the lone ranger of self-deprecation either. lol.

The best 'force' for reassurance is research in my opinion. If you think that you may be wrong then you need to read the opposing side and find out exactly what it is that you haven't connected for yourself.

Shit. Some of my posts get completely passed over by some people more interested in their own questions than helping me to elevate myself to their level. It's no big deal. They're busy or perhaps my question is too far behind their thought pattern. I keep reading and eventually someone will touch on the piece that I missed. The science forum is good for that. lol.

I'm spending more time on modern ethics analysis right now. I want to know where the line can be drawn for all. Despite the recent lack of news coverage, there is still an immigration debate going on in the public. There are also many stories that have not had adequate follow-ups. I'm cracking down on that. There were too few mentions of lascivious behavior by past members of congress during this most recent Foley scandal.

So, in short, do what you know and you can't go wrong by yourself. For what it's worth, I think you're smart.

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