The 10 Commandments of Mr. Witch

~ MrWitchs' 10 Commandments ~
  • I Thou shalt not invoke god before others
  • II Thou shalt not rape and pillage in the name of god
  • III Thou shalt not kill in the name of god
  • IV Thou shalt honor the civil rights of others
  • V Thou shalt not waste taxpayers money in mythological folly
  • VI Thou shalt not claim to speak for god. Let god speak for him or herself
  • VII Thou shalt not treat children as meat or pawns for fanatical agendas
  • VIII Thou shalt not litter the streets, mail boxes or emails with unsolicited religious crap
  • IX Thou shalt not use public PA's or public schools as impromptu churches when you've got a damn church on every damn corner in this country
  • X Thou shalt not whine and cry that the secular humanists, atheists and pagans are trying to "take god away from you," when all we ask is for you to just... back off