That makes me sick!

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Why is it that there are always outbreaks of bacterial-borne diseases coming from fast-food restaurants? I will tell you why. It is because they are filthy.

The people who serve fast-food really don't care about their customers. They are merely trying to get a paycheck. So when the boss says "this is fast-food, you have to move fast!", any thought other than speed goes ouot the window. Dishes get rinsed really quickly instead of being washed. Time is not taken to wash hands. Food gets undercooked.

What about state and federal health regulations? Like they matter! Health inspectors call before they come, do quick run throughs, and are not very thorough. Besides, they work for the government. Government is more concerned with governing then protecting you or your health.

There is no process that is 100% effective in eliminating microorganisms. It takes a dual and sometimes three-pronged effort to eliminate them all. Hot water has to be hot. After a thorough washing with the proper soap, dishes must be sanitised.

The latest outbreak of food poisoning from bacteria isn't just an isolated incident. The fast-food industry needs to be made aware of a few facts. They need to understand that yes, we consumers like to get our food quick. We would eat at more refined restaurants were that not the case. But we would be more forgiving of food that takes a little extra time to get to us than if the food gets us or our kids sick!

Return business should be contigent upon such factors. But sometimes, it is simply better to actually state such facts. After all, people tend to be a little daft, and they really don't understand what we want unless we tell them directly.

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