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----- Friday night August 25th The Rational Response Squad airs a show about the irrationality of theism directly following "Live with the InfidelGuy." Featuring Richard Carrier and views from our community members, we nail home the case that theism is irrational. This might be the most important show we'll ever do. Show hosts will be in the shared Freethoughtmedia.com chatroom (accessible from our site) at 9pm est when the show kicks off. Show length: 2.25 hours

----- www.RationalResponders.com has overgone a major overhaul, and it's finally coming together. We'll be going through a site enhancement process over the next few months. Here are some features now added to the site:
- All users have a free blog!
- All users can add an image to our gallery from your hard drive!
- You can add a file to a starting post on our forum from your hard drive!
- We have a point system that rewards users for their activity, points can then be redeemed in our upcoming store!
- Registered members can use their login/password at other activist atheist sites. Including www.EndChristmas.com, the official home of the War on Christmas. You can also login at www.AskTheAtheist.com, the newest brainchild of Jake, Infidel Guy, and Sapient.

----- Please consider supporting our efforts by purchasing a show package or making a donation. The entire series of Richard Carrier shows consists of about 13 hours of recording and is available now, right here: http://www.rationalresponders.com/purchase_shows. (scroll down)

----- Sam Harris appears on Rational Response Squad in conjunction with the release of his new book, "Letter to a Christian Nation." Show airs on September 22nd, three days after the book comes out. But you can get a backstage pass to our unedited production in Stickam on September 9th at 1pm est. Visit www.rationalresponders.com homepage on September 9th to access the live show. Post questions for Sam ahead of time in this thread.

Thanks so much for the ears, and your participation in the community,

Rational Response Squad Staff