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From: Christian Man
Date: Oct 7, 2006 12:23 PM

I believe in God, fix me, oh wait you can not fix me, I have a brain, should I say more?

My Response:


Unless you want to prove you don't have one. Which you... Pretty much already did.

Ad hominem mixed with bald assertion and non Sequitor. Three logical fallacies. Logical fallacy = logical error = illogical = stupid = you.

You avered a personal attack in attempt to refute an entire world view (or lack-of-a-world-view in this case). A completely unsupported attack as well, as you didn't explain, at all, whatsoever, how theism requires brains and atheism is the lack of them. And once this was so unsupported and riding on nothing but bare insult, your "reasoning" does not follow through to confirm your theist beliefs. Which would make you guilty of non Sequitor ("it does not follow") logical fallacy.

Google them. You are officially, by definition, stupid. Next time you insult someone's intelligence, or call them a foolish or idiotic, then just remember, you're an idiot yourself, officially, by definition. You're in the same boat you blindly assert they're in.

Now if you'll get off of your high horse of ignorance for but a moment I'll be more than happy to fix you.

But let's just say I have little faith in that ever happening.

So tell me, Christian "man," what is the weather like... Up your ass?

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From: Christian Man
Date: Oct 8, 2006 3:56 AM

Haha, so if I Google it, that must make it right? Google is the basis of the atheist belief not the Christian one. You, as an atheist deny everything logical. "The world just came forth, no God made it." "The Bible is a lie." "There is no God." Haha! Do you ever get it? You are the one that is wrong; you should never need to lie so much to make a belief more real.

My Response:


Straw man, another logical fallacy. I never said that googling something made it right. I said for you to research logical fallacies. Instead you change what I said. Is that what you have to do to support your side? Change what people say? That's kinda sad. I don't need to change anything you say, it's all already stupid, as it is.

Again, you badly assert that saying the Bible is wrong is being stupid, yet you give zero, absolutely zero explanation.

Are you going to explain to me what you aver or are you just going to keep baldly asserting shit? Explain. Explain. Explain. Explain. The true man, when he asserts something, offers evidence and reasoning. The true man, when asked to believe something, asks for evidence and reasoning.

The Bible is completely wrong over and over again. It contradicts itself, God makes light, night and day, before he makes any light sources, before he makes the sun or stars. The sun does not go around the earth. Rabbits don't chew cud. No insects are four legged. The earth is not flat. Pi does not equal 3. And the earth is constantly moving, it does not have a foundation.


Scroll down to scientific errors for some Bible quotes. Or, of course, you can just read your Bible. There are more errors in it than your messages. You're obviously completely ignorant of your own Book of faith.

You said I said there was no God. Again, straw man. I do not know if there is a God or not, don't put words in my mouth. I merely say I "do not know" if there is a God or not - therefore I do not believe in one.

If you believe in something you do not know to be true you are a fool. Intelligence is defined as ability to reason, acquire/use knowledge, and use logic. In other words, if you do not hold reasons for what you believe, and if you do not use logic, you are unintelligent. You are illogical. Both define stupidity.

If you believe in God, and cannot provide conclusive REASON (logic and evidence) to, then you are stupid, by definition.

Does that upset you?

To not know God is true and to say you do is lying.
And as you said, you shouldn't have to lie to others and yourself to try and make a belief more real.

Theism is a belief, by the way.
Atheist is the lack of a belief.
Get your facts straight before you bother me again.

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Christian Man, I may not act like it though.
Date: Oct 8, 2006 1:54 PM

The "conclusive reason" for God is The Bible, what is the reason for your belief?

My Response:


Say I write a book that says there is no God. There you have it, I have as much evidence for there not being a God as you do for having one. But I'd still have crap for evidence. A book can be written saying anything it wants. That does not, however, prove any of it is true. Just because something is written doesn't make it correct. The Bible was written by men. Evil, twisted, sick, disgusting, racist, sexist, ignorant, power hungry, stupid, irresponsible lying men.

They did it for power. They taught blind faith was a virtue. That's the virtue of a slave, of a surf. They did it to keep the poor poor and the rich rich. They did it to put crowns on thieves, called kings, and robes of liars, called priests. And the great ignorant mass was what it was. And it gets passed down, these lies, by word and by book.

A book written in the past. A book of contradiction, of wickedness, of scientific error. The most inaccurate, the most evil book that has ever existed.

It is proof of nothing.

You asked me the reason for my belief.
Listen, I'll say it again. Pay attention.
Atheism is not a belief. Theism is.
But atheism is not a belief.
See the letter "A" in front of it? That means "non" in Latin roots. Non-theist.
Theist is a believer.
Atheist is therefore not a believer.

In terms of God I have no "belief," so don't ask me to support one. I have no belief to support. I am not the one making a claim. I am not the one asserting something. Do you understand? Is that clear?

I don't know if there is or if there is not a God.
Is that clear?

I have no reasons to believer there is a God. I need a good reason. Good evidence, good logic. I must have them or I will not believe in a God.
Is that clear?

Why do I demand reasons?
Because I'm intelligent.
Faith is the virtue of a slave.
I am no slave, I am no fool.
The definition of intelligence is ability to acquire knowledge and reason with logic.
You must have reasons for what you believe, or you are not intelligent. And the better the reasons, the higher your intelligence.

The Bible is a terrible reason. It is illogical because just because someone wrote something doesn't make it true. The Bible is a terrible, fallacious reason. Ergo, it is, by definition, unintelligent to use it as a reason for belief in a God.

Is that clear? If not, read it again until you fully understand what I'm saying.

You must have good reason to believe there is a God. If you do not, then you must admit you DO NOT KNOW if there is one or not.
If you do not admit this you are a liar.

And if you DO NOT KNOW, but still belief, then you are, by definition, unintelligent.

I admit I do not know if there is a God.
I am therefore not a liar.

Once I do not know, I do not believe.
I am therefore intelligent.

I am also therefore atheist.

When God is proven, I shall believe.

His Last Message:


Ok let us get something straight, I do not read a mail when it is that long. You either have no life so you had time to write it, or you lifter it from the internet.


I would have replied to his last response but he doesn't allow anyone to message him any longer without being his friend. And I really don't think it's worth that.

His last argument was a non Sequitor, red herring, ad hominem. And he apparently thinks that my responses to his fallacious yammerings were copied from the internet, which is, of course, impossible sense I was going off of what he said. So unless someone else had the exact same conversations about googling and so forth, then that's just silly. Kinda further proves he's an idiot.

I feel kinda bad completely eradicating him like that, but... No I don't, nevermind.

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