Mr. G.A.W.N.'s Laboratory (001) Quantum Physics

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Mr. G.A.W.N.'s Laboratory (001) Quantum Physics

Mr. G.A.W.N.'s Laboratory (001)

Modern Materialism strips the need for people to feel responsable, and often enough so does religion. If you take Quantum Physics seriously, it puts the resposability squarely in your lap. It doesn't give you the answers that are clear-cut and comforting. It says, Yes, the world is a very big place, and yes, it is very mysterious. Mechanism is not the answer, but im not telling you what it is. . . You're old enough now to draw your own conclussions.

Quantum Physics is a very wonderous place that I would never dare to even joke about fully understanding. If you find somebody that says that they do fully understand Quantum Physics, you can be sure they they are telling you that they have no idea! After all, it's the physics of possibilities.

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