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Guest Suggestion / Musical Guest -TMBG

Reasons to try and get TMBG:

1. The fokkin rock this little blue sphere. If RIchard Carrier and TMBG got into a fight we would all be doomed. Too much coolness in one place.

2. They wrote a song called Kiss me Son of God where the "son of god" is a ruthless and maniacal dictator. There are implications in their music that they are infidels of a stripe and they have written some of the strangest songs regarding science, history, and politics in the world.

3. Despite being together for over 20 years, having published albums on several major labels, written the themes to several movies and TV shows, they still primarily tour in small clubs and are very accessable.

4. In their last tour they wrote a song for each club they played in. They might write a theme song for the RRS, which would be super cool.

5. What other band keeps recording new songs onto their answering machine so you can call and have a listen?

PS. If you ever get them to come on and if they are in studio instead of calling in insist on being able to come in and genuflect before them for the duration of the show.