Those who call us (or activist atheists) childish, are likely projecting.

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Those who call us (or activist atheists) childish, are likely projecting.

I just saw an awesome post at The Richard Dawkins endorsement thread of The Blasphemy Challenge. Please go over there and post, and the most recent comments are posted on the homepage which will keep this story active there.

One atheist called those engaged in the Blasphemy Challenge, childish. And Logicel made a very moving post to return fire....

Logicel wrote:
I have a confession to make--I am married to a child. Though I thought I married a man, many adults keep insisting on calling him a child and taking him to task on his consistently childish behavior.

When he cuts through political, convoluted nonsense, with his sharp rationality, he is called a child.

When he slices through the French social service bureaucracy with his brilliant grasp of practical simplicity, he is called a child.

When he refuses to give up his privacy under the guise of combatting world terrorism, and fight inroads into his, he is called a child.

Such wonderful activities this 'child' engages in. Since I want to be a child like him, I spend time and energy watching and learning from his childish activities. And you know what? It is not easy to be like that. I got a long way to go in this direction, but the resident child chez nous is a very patient one. So there is hope for me yet.

Yorker said, "They're just a bunch of young kids so I don't really blame them for this typically youthful reaction,..." And just as apparently there is just a bunch of oldsters at this site, so I don't really blame them for their typically 'mature' reaction.

And then Yorker said, "So I guess I'll hang my faded old hat on their stand, go for it guys." And that is why so many here respect the guy. Because when he is faced with something new, he tries it out, and then decides for himself. He has this awful atheistic habit of learning from his mistakes.

The word 'childish' needs to countered with a descriptive term for 'un-childish' (to borrow an odd literary expression from Richard Kirk who wrote An Exercise in Contempt which is listed at this site and was duly commented upon by many posters--Kirk labels Dawkins as the un-Whitehead, Whitehead being a fave philosopher of Kirk's).,405,An-Exercise-in-Contempt,Richard-Kirk

I am still working on this demanding linguistic endeavor, and have only come up with, "petrifiedish", the root being petrified, which conveniently captures both the petrification of older humans in the sense of pertrified wood, and also in the sense of their being consumed by the fear of letting go comfy and well worn attitudes.

I welcome any of the 'childish' posters to contribute to my quest of finding an adequate adjective.

Here is Tomcats response:

tomcat wrote:
Logicel, I have come up with some adjectives (and their noun forms as well)

The best one I came up with was:

(adj, noun) Transpassionate(s) - someone who has risen above the corporeal aspects of the human by declaring themselves logical, of thought only. Seeking to abstain from child-like, lower stages in human to transhuman development. A distaste for the impulses of the flesh.

Also "Disimpassionates" seemed like a good label. I came up with a more dicey one too: "Phlegmatose" Basically an elitist corpse, or elitist zombie! But I do not wish to bring common use to a word that insults my peers, so I'd rather stick with calling them Transpassionates for I believe it adequately describes the situation

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