Opinion printed in local paper......

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Opinion printed in local paper......

You've all heard the "chosen people" "end times" stuff from theists. It reared it's ugly head last weak in an opinion by a couple of fundies quoting a verse from Mathew. They think they are going home according to them. I wrote in to explain the waste it would cost and there getting into their exclusive club would come at the cost of all others burning in hell. So without further adue, here is the response that got printed.


Dear Editor,

Why do they have such a sort term, fatalistic view to humanity in their opinion?

I find it quite disturbing on a planet full of 6 billion people with a wide variety of beliefs that they and they alone managed to play the correct number on the roulette wheel while all the other non-"True Christian" will end up on the editing room floor and the scrap heap of life because dad told them they got it right.

We know billions of people have lived before and 6 billion people are living now on this planet. But according to them, anyone outside the club wont get to go to the prom, because "Matthew" told them so.

If God worked for Donnald Trump and had to explain all the byproduct that ended up in the dumpster, what do you think Trump would say in the boardroom? 


"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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