This is what Nuwaubians actually believe

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This is what Nuwaubians actually believe


The arrest of Warren Jeffs reminded me of this crazy black supremacist cult that somehow manages to out crazy the FCLDS and the Church of Scientology. They have a mythology that includes Darth Maul and The Predator for goodness sakes!

 Some Highlights:



  • Saturn is not really a planet, but a gaseous ball adjacent to the actual planet, Titan, which is erroneously considered to be one of Saturn’s moons. The head and hat of Santa Claus are symbolic representations of Saturn, Titan, and Saturn’s rings.[38]
  • Thomas Paine plagiarized the U.S. Constitution from the unwritten Constitution of the Iroquois.[39]
  • The Pyramids of Egypt are, among other things, electromagnetic antennas that create standing columnar waves of tachyon energy to prevent the wobbling of the Earth.[40]
  • “The Koran called the Holy Qur’aan or the glorious Qur’aan as held in the hands of Muslims today is a product of Jewish scholars and the Catholic Church’s branch of the Jesuit priest under Pope Augustine
  • The Earth is hollow and contains cities populated by different species of people, such as the Deros, the Teros, the Flugelrods, the Duwanis, the Dunakial, and the Anunnaqi. The legends of the Sumerians, Ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, Olmecs, Mayans, Hopi, and Hindus speak of these things (for instance, the story of the river Styx). Many of the chambers of the Egyptian pyramids lead to this subterranean world.[43]