Attn Dylan! Theism IS bad!

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Attn Dylan! Theism IS bad!

While this thread is posted in AvT, I'd appreciate it if, at least for a few posts, everyone allow Dylan and me to have the floor. Once we get the first couple of posts out of the way, feel free to jump in, but I'd like for Dylan to have the floor, unimpeded at least long enough to make all the points he wants to make. Thanks in advance!


Ok, Dylan, here are my major premises from Pineapple's thread, hopefully condensed a bit and easily managable.

1) Theism is dangerous and harmful to society.

A) Gregory S. Paul has documented with clarity that without exception, among modern countries, the most religious societies are also the most dysfunctional with regard to violent crime, sex crime, teen pregnancy and rates of STDs.

B) Paul has also demonstrated that the least religious societies, while not perfect, come the closest in recorded history to the concept of a "culture of life.

2) Society would be better of without religion.

A) Society would certainly not be perfect without religion. However, religion contributes nothing beneficial that could not be accomplished without it, and it does contribute bad things to society that could be avoided were it not for dogmatic belief that the religion is correct.

B) Religion has never contributed a moral virtue to humanity that cannot be derived from logic, apart from any "revelation."

C) Religion has never contributed any social service that could not be accomplished without the belief in a supernatural deity in control of the universe.

D) Religion has actively attempted to squelch scientific research, and continues to do so today.

E) Religion has been the motivation for countless wars. While wars would certainly happen without religion, the powerful tool of "righteous cause" would no longer be available to leaders wishing to exploit their followers for personal gain.

I could certainly go on, but these are the most salient points I've tried to make. In a nutshell, I'm saying that nothing good comes from religion that couldn't be had without it, and many bad things have been done in the name of religion, specifically. Therefore, I see no evidence that society would be any worse without religion, and good evidence that it would be better, although how much better is unclear.