It's My Service Pit Bull!

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It's My Service Pit Bull!

I absolutely love dogs. Dogs vs. People, and I will pick the dog all day long. That said, these fucking assholes who bring their dogs everywhere with them because of their "disability" are really pissing me off. For example, overthe holidays, I spent some time at a casino hotel. We were staying in the luxury rooms, not on the pet floor, because like a normal person I don't bring my dog to the casino with me. But the casino does provide an entire floor solely for the purpose of people who bring pets. Those rooms have hard floors, a dedicated elevator that goes to the pet walking area, and even come with feeding bowls, water bowls and complementary treats. So if you want to bring your dog to the casino, they have rooms SPECIALLY equipped to handle them and about 10 floors below my room so I don't have to hear your dog barking.

After a long day at the tables, I start heading back to the room and a fucking pit bull is charging down the hallway. I hear a girl screaming, "he's my service dog", and a hotel security guard follows behind trying to secure the dog. Apparently, what happened was the couple got into a domestic (surprise! the shitbirds bringing a pitbull into the hotel get into a drunken fight) and when security was called up to the room the dog ran out. 

When I had a discussion with the head of security the following morning, I expressed my concern that a fucking pitbull is staying on a non-pet floor. Even if the dog is perfectly friendly, it clearly was not well trained and 80% of the customers use walkers, the average age is well over 70- the dog could easily have knocked over someone and broke a hip. I was basically told that there is absolutely nothing they can do, they aren't even allowed to assign rooms based on whether or not a person has a dog if they invoke the ADA. Staff can only legally ask two questions which are utterly pointless.


1.Is the animal required because of a disability?

2. What work or task has the animal been trained to perform?

This is getting ridiculously out of hand because a business is forced to accomodate anyone smart enough to lie. They don't even have to come up with good tasks, they can just say some bullshit like its a "seizure dog" or a "PTSD dog". Businesses are not allowed to ask for any proof of training or certification. Meanwhile, my homeowners insurance won't even cover a fucking pit bull. They recognize the dogs for what they are, potentially very dangerous and capable of killing even a healthy adult human. Two seconds of watching the damn dog and you can tell that it isn't even well trained for a house pet let alone a true service dog. Anyone who has ever interacted with a real service dog knows that they are incredibly attentive to their owner and are exceptionally obedient. They would never do something like say run down the hallway of a hotel while their owner is crying in her underwear sitting on the floor of the hallway with a bloody face.


It isn't just the large dogs that piss me off. I was at a doctors office and this woman had a pug with a service vest. The stupid thing was rolling around on the floor making all sorts of noise. It was her "emotional support dog". I saw another asshole walking his shit doodle through the grocery store. No idea what the hell the puntable was supposed to do as a "service". 


When you see that sign that says "no pets" all you need is a service jacket available on Amazon and a willingness to lie, saying "yes" to question 1 and to question 2 just say something like "he cleans my ass after I shit". It doesn't really matter what you say because any employee who turns you away will risk being fired and any business will risk an expensive lawsuit that they will probably lose. 


No, your damn dog is not a "service animal", it is a fucking pet, bring it where fucking pets are welcome. /rant 


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