On a lighter note, an Oedipus moment yesterday.

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On a lighter note, an Oedipus moment yesterday.

On a lighter note, this made me fall off my mom's couch yesterday. Ok, so people get all sorts of targeted catalogs, so you'd expect at a retirement home to see crap in a catalog for old people.

So I am looking at the mail on her coffee table while we were watching tv and I see a catalog. I picked it up thumbed through it, to see what kind of old people medical stuff was in it.

It wasn't just medical stuff, it was nick nack crap decorations clocks, clothing, a variety of stuff, some "as seen on TV" crap. Ok, so within a couple pages, I saw the obligatory pander to Jesus fans, bed pillow. My mom is a really good sport even though she believes, I pointed it out to her and jokingly said, "Mommy mommy, please buy me this". Of course she laughed and said "Ok".

BUT, that is not the funny part. So I move on after that joke, thumbing through the pages, and BAM! one page had many different items, BUT a couple of them were DILDOS AND VIBRATORS!

It was funny and awkward at the same time. I'm not against those things, but context? Seeing that in that context was what made me laugh, and on top of that being in the same room with my mom LOOKING AT PICTURES OF DILDOS! EWE!

So, I am laughing but at the same time having an Oedipus moment wanting to wash my brain out with acid. So I am flipping through the pages trying to ignore what just happened, and poof, a Jesus blanket. So I joked again "Mommy mommy please buy me this", trying to distract myself to the horribly thought out mix of products. But NO, I thought there was only one page of BAM!, Only to hit ANOTHER PAGE WITH VIBRATORS AND DILDOS! Who the fuck is the editor, at least keep the shit on the same pages.

Again it wasn't that they sold vibrators and dildos, and sure old people have sex too. BUT BUT BUT CONTEXT PEOPLE, JUST A LITTLE!

Yes guys sex is natural and old people have sex, but like a library could you please put things on the proper shelf?

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