Election Results - I predict...

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Election Results - I predict...

I can't believe that all but three of the amendments in Florida got voted down. The three that made it through are tax exemption for seniors, for vets and for spouses of vets. These will go to the supreme court because of their unconstitutional basis.

As for Obama vs. Romney, I'm predicting Obama will take Florida. All the "red" counties are small voting margins, mainly country bumpkins, which has 1,200 voters. Down in Dade county and the Miami area there are 60% of the votes left and accounts for 2/3rds of any remaining votes for Obama. The other counties which are red are already 100% reporting in. I don't see Romney collecting enough votes to cover the margin.

One other major issue which surprised me, was that the three Democrat Supreme judges all survived getting booted. Very shocking considering.