My Wizard of Oz argument

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My Wizard of Oz argument

I made a blog about this ( but I wanted to share it here and sort of expand it.


We all have seen or heard of the film the Wizard of Oz, just like everyone saw or heard of Titanic or Superman. Im sure it is unnecessary for me to tell the whole story, but here it is in a nutshell. The City of Emeralds is ruled by the great and almighty wizard Oz. No one has ever seen him, save for one person who clams to be his messenger. When the main characters of the story finally meet the great Oz himself, they see a great talking head who claims to be Oz – and man does this guy look scary and very powerful. And spoilers, at the end the main characters learn that the giant head is a fake, and there is actually a man hiding behind the curtain pulling all the strings and speaking into a microphone. This imposter is the actual wizard, all this time he was hiding his true identity and fooling the people that he was some epic figure.


This is the main point: how the hell do Christians (or any theist who believes in a personal god) know that the god they pray and give praise to is not a trickster pretending to be the very deity they worship? Imagine all the theists worshiping the Great Head of the Wizard of Oz. Now, they are fully convinced that the Great Wizard is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. But the truth is, there is an imposter running the Great Head from behind the curtain. This imposter tricked everyone into thinking he is a wizard – for whatever motive.


I also saw, as a kid, a cartoon version of Wizard of Oz. In this plot, each of our four members see the Wizard individually one at a time. When Dorothy goes in, she sees a great green head. When the Scarecrow goes in, he sees a beautiful goddess. When the Tinman goes in, he sees a colossal talking rhinosaurus. When the Lion goes in, the wizard is a great big talking ball of fire. Skipping ahead, when they bring the witches broomstick, they all go in together. This time, the wizard appears invisible (until the dog reveals the hiding man). This can also be the case for the religion all around the wold (Hinduism, paganisn, theism, etc). How do theists know they are not worshiping a single trickster who has many faces an backgrounds (Krishna, Yahweh, Allah, Shiva, etc) and is merely fooling mankind by making them believe not only a false identity but also believing in conflicting worldviews (which, btw, history reveals these conflicting religions has caused much war and bloodshed).


The point is the theists have been fooled. Their god is a trickster, an entity with a mask hiding its true identity. There is no way for them to actually test that their deity is the true deity who is not hiding their actual identity. If they appeal to Scripture (which claims it is infallible, without error, eternal and never lies) which was supposedly authored by this trickster, it is not surprising that the trickster would instruct the readers to fully buy the whole con book without question and completely believe it because it cannot lie. A trickster with no doubters is the best trickster of all. Now the trickster has all the gullible believers caught in his net, because the believers got all their info from the tricksters book and they fully believe the book does not lie to them. What a bunch of suckers.


Now I would argue against any theist reading this that they do not have a god watching over them and this universe was not created (I am an atheist). However, if I grant them the argument (just for argument's sake) that there is a god and they have some personal relationship with it, I can safely say they do not have a damn clue if they are not being fooled by some trickster.


I once encountered a jesus-freak lady at a City Hall and she claimed to know jesus personally, but she could not answer a simple question like “does jesus have blue eye? How do you know that?” If theists like her do not know the answer to that simple question, then that reveals just how little they know about their supposed god they praise (and just how little they even care t know the truth). If they don't know so much as their own god's eye color, then how can they possibly know squat about the real identity of the very thing they worship. They claim to know that the voice in their head is jesus – but they do not know a thing about the real jesus, so how can they claim to follow someone they do not even know a thing about to begin with? So everyday these jesus-loving chumps walk around claiming to follow jesus' word, but they do not know if he is even the real deal.


If this jesus-freak woman did have 12 demons exorcised out of her in jesus' name (which I doubt as much as a Scientologist telling me they had 12 thetans audited out of their bodies), the trickster could very well be responsible for the whole shebang. If somehow the trickster heard that someone was performing an exorcism in his fake name, he comes along and says “oh boy, I better do something otherwise these suckers may stop believing my con” so he banishes the demons, his fake identity gets all the credit, and his con is once again protected and even reinforced through a strengthening of faith. The trickster continues to fool the lot.


Thank you for reading. I hope you found my above scenario interesting and thought provoking.


Now for my little ramble.....


I can already hear a couple of Christians saying “oh god would not lie to me. He cannot lie, it is impossible for him to lie, it is against his nature. God is loving, kind, merciful...” blah blah blah. Who the heck told you that it is against his nature to lie? If it was the trickster pretending to be god, then guess what... you are fooled once again. It is the trickster (god) who told you that it is against his nature to lie – he is selling you a lie disguised as truth. And of course the trickster would also appeal to your soft side and tell you he is all loving, kind, merciful, whatever whatever whatever. He appealed to your soft side, made him sound incredibly innocent and trustworthy, and you swallowed it all up. You were played into the tricksters lie.


Some others would say why would some cosmic trickster benefit from fooling us, we are just carbon-based animals on a small planet in some dark corner of the universe. Think about it, why would anything ANYTHING AT ALL bother with us humans? Christians already believe the creator of THE ENTIRE VAST UNIVERSE is completely concerned with humans that he considers boiling a goat in its mothers milk as a personal offense to him.


Why would a perfect being want worshipers to begin with? Why? What does such a being benefit from us kissing ass? Nothing, he does not need us, he is god after all right? A perfect being by definition does not need anything, because it is already perfect. It is like the god in Star Trek 5 who needs a spaceship. A theist can figure out right away that a god does not need a spaceship. Hell, the main characters of Star Trek figured that out almost instantly, and they called him out on it. Eventually the god they met turned out to be a.... fake trickster! GASP! Who could have seen that coming? They come face to face with what they believe to be the true god, and he turns out to be a trickster who be killed with a Klingon laser canon. If god does not need a spaceship for obvious reasons, it should also be obvious that he does not need worshipers.


But why would some cosmic entity lie and fool us? Bear in mind, he is a trickster. He does whatever he wants wherever he wants. If he can find a bunch of suckers to fool on any planet in any solar system, he will take advantage of them. Look around the world, there are literally thousands of different religions, each claiming to believe in the one true faith while the others are wrong. People even go to war over which of them has the better deity. It seems the trickster has done a fantastic job here on Earth, and he may milk it for as long as a single human believes his con.


To all Christians and theists reading this: just think for one minute. Can you be deceived right now? (Don't bother praying to the very think that could be lying to you, because it will just lie back. Admit it, there is no way you can objectively prove your deity is THE deity and not a trickster - hell, you can much less prove this or any deity even exists in the firs place)