Fallacy Files "Aim Low Air Farce"

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Fallacy Files "Aim Low Air Farce"

Some stupid Christian in the Air Force is bitching about the word "bible" not being on the checklist of government lodging for soldiers. This fuckwad thinks somehow, that because government is doing the right thing by not using property for religious advertising, as per "NO RELIGIOUS TEST', thinks his freedom to be a Christian is being oppressed. Answer this fuckwad, if you bought a bible off base, or from home, are you telling me it would not be allowed on base?

Idiots like this don't want "freedom of religion", they want freedom to force government to give special advertising space for Christians. Would this same asshole put on that same Checklist "Koran", "Torah" or "Origin of The Species"?

Hey jackass, calling for government to be neutral on the issue of religion is not oppressing you. OUR military allows anyone of any label, if a legal law abiding citizen to join the military. As such OUR government should NOT be in the business of favoring Christianity and acting as free billboard space at the tax payer's expense. If any soldier wants to bring ANY legal reading material with them on their own dime, no one should stop them. But the government itself should NOT be handing out bibles or putting them in rooms as a form of tax funded adds.

This idiot is just pissed that someone other than a Christian serves. Too fucking bad you childish brat. It is OUR military and it is NOT a theocracy where Christians only get to use government to peddle their religion. NO ONE should prevent any soldier, who buys their own reading material, from reading it on base in a non work related setting. The First Amendment says "freedom of religion" not "Freedom for Christians to a monopoly of venue".


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