Arabic laungauge atheist billboard in NJ.

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Arabic laungauge atheist billboard in NJ.

Here is the link and it does come with a video. ... erson.html

My opinion of the video below.

I will say however when the atheist is simply saying "We're just trying to reach out to the other atheists in the community", bull. Now it is true that no one should use force or violence, why should we as atheist shy away from the same marketing tools that theism has had forever. It isn't that we are saying "We're coming for your daughter Chuck", but billboards are no differently used between Coke and Pepsi. To be offended by a rival product is absurd. If it is ok for religion to advertise and they do it all the time, then these same people who live under a government that protects free speech should not bitch when we do it.

The false cries of "ignorance" and "offensive" are the cries of people who feel threatened by those different than them. Muslims out of all the minorities in America should know what it is like to be demonized and labeled. That billboard MAY convince someone they don't need their religion, but the key word is MAY. We live in a country where we ARE allowed to change our minds on any given issue. We also live in a country of competing ideas from business and politics AND religion. These Muslims who come here often come from countries where that kind of openness is not allowed. If they value their own freedom, then they cannot be afraid of ours.  


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