The Fallacy Files "Christian Nation"

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The Fallacy Files "Christian Nation" ... er-banner/

The link above is from a local RI paper. The story is about a high school student(Jessica Ahlquist), who successfully sued through the ACLU to get a prayer banner removed from the high school she attended.

Right after the suit outcome A RI state rep called her "an evil little thing" ... mural-ban/

And on top of a political bully picking on a smart and educated student, she got threats on social media sites like twitter. And several florists in her home town REFUSED to deliver her roses from her supporters.

And the idiocy continues in the comment of the link I started the thread with in the comments section calling her a "whore". This is the the backdrop story for the following "The Fallacy Files'

The Fallacy Files "Christian Nation"

As you can see above bigotry rears its ugly head when a popular social norm is challenged. Now if humans in general would pull their heads out of their asses for a second, there is a very real evolutionary reason for WHY humans react this way to dissent.

We evolved to be social, that socializing creates safety in numbers. That safety in numbers creates more opportunity for the tribe to make offspring. We do it to pool our resources. When that tribe is threatened it reacts to the outsider seeing it as a threat to it's resources.

If the Christians who reacted like this would understand WHY they are reacting like this, they would understand why they are not doing anything differently than when Islamic groups threaten the west. The only reason Christians in the west don't do what many Middle East Countries do, is because we have had 200 years of a secular leash on them.

Now to the fallacious term "Christian nation". If the founders intended on a religious pecking order, they could have easily put language in the Constitution and bill of rights giving priority and favoritism to Christianity. The could have made it mandatory to swear an oath to the Christian god in the oath of office. SO WHY DIDN'T THEY?

Because they were so diverse in their personal religious beliefs they SAW that it would be better for government to remain neutral on the subject. All one has to see as to how divisive the issue is is to look at Sunnis and Shiites in the east and how they treat outsiders.

The establishment clause in the First Amendment, protection of dissent in the First Amendment, and "No Religious Test: in the oath of office. All this is also backed up by the later law of the Barbary Treaty article 11 "As the government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion" Signed without dissent by both houses of Congress into law by President John Adams, June 10 1797.

But these facts are constantly ignored and for most of our history our society never teaches those facts in civics classes.

Instead, most of the revised stories, get sold to the credulous like the noted crockoduck fan Kirk Cameron, who made the mistake of pontificating on cable news about our "history" saying "We've had 400 years of freedom", meaning freedom since the Maflower.

NO Kirk, our religious freedom started with the Bill of Rights and the First Amendment. The "freedom" Kirk spoke of is the freedom to set up your own exclusive pecking order. Jefferson saw the dangers in this even before the Bill of Rights when he wrote the Virginia Religious Freedom act, when he was in the Virginia state senate. That act went on to be used by Madison as the prototype for the First Amendment.

But even if I agreed with the right wing that the founders set up a Christian pecking order where they were the alpha male? Why, when you read the reactions of the Christians above, would we want to be that kind of society? How is that any different than how Shiites treat non Shiites? If we are NOT a theocracy, then the ACLU and that student, and the CHRISTIAN judges who sided with that atheist student, did the right thing.

Our rights are not dependent on being a Christian, our rights are dependent on the concepts the founders set forth so that no religion, or political party for that matter, could have a monopoly on society. The Christians and Jews and gays living in the theocratic middle east have a right to complain about mistreatment. A call for government neutrality is not trampling on the rights of believers here.

You can drive down just about every street in America and see a religious building, and it's marquee. You can see religious bumper stickers on cars. There are 360,000 houses of worship in America. The internet is also full of religious websites. But WE only live under ONE government. Forced civility through dominance is not freedom, that is merely setting up a pecking order based on popularity and mob rule by vote.

Our Constitution does not support a popularity contest. It is a very humanistic concept that the rights of the majority DO NOT trump the rights of the minority.

Our system of government is a GUIDING principle, not simply mob rule by vote. And as such, anyone devaluing her or the verdict in the suit is merely saying, like a tribal lion pissing on a tree to mark it's territory, "I am the alpha male".

Civil society cannot value an alpha male mentality where only popularity rules. You don't need our three branch government with separate powers to run a country merely on popularity.

Unlike the ignorant hacks who blasted her, and especially a politician who took an oath to defend EVERYONE'S rights, to call her "evil" or a "whore", for merely asking government to keep her school neutral, is sick and reflects the very childish base tribalism the founders sought to avoid.

We are a nation that values freedom, not just for Christians, and not "freedom to be a guest and know your place" Since citizenship is not based on an oath to Jesus, or Allah, or Darwin, I would suggest these people who wrongfully blasted her and even threatened her, GROW THE FUCK UP.

"And the day will come when the mystical generation of Jesus, by the supreme being as his father in the womb of a virgin will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter. "Thomas Jefferson

"Question with boldness even the existence of a god" Thomas Jefferson.

If you can thank Jefferson for helping create this country, then you, instead of hating this wise girl, you should thank her for caring enough to protect the very freedoms that believers enjoy as well. The reality is she was participating in combating a continual attempt to backslide into the tribal behavior prior to the Constitution.

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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