Dogmatism, By Brian37

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Dogmatism, By Brian37

Dogmatism, By Brian37


This blight

On human history

Creates utopias

Used to divide


Feigned morality

In the form of labels

Politics, class

And religion


It leads to states

Like Iran

It leads to states

Like North Korea


It feed the Dark Ages

And it's all the same

The idea of absolutes

My way is the only way


Dogmatism must die

And give way to pluralism


And protection of dissent


The modern world

Is too small

There is no more land

To conquer


If I just kill one more

Of my enemy

If I just force

Others to submit to me


And the result

Of such thought

Is a faucet

Flowing red, forever


This insidious blight

Must come to light

Exposed for the lie

It is



Do not exist

And can never

Be achieved


Anti trust

We should insist

All voices welcome

With dissent


We will never


Rid the world

Of those we disagree



Must surely die

In all its forms

It must die



"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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