Metronme gets Branford Marsalis in hot water.

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Metronme gets Branford Marsalis in hot water.

Not really, but I just heard a funny story on Headline News that Branford got stopped by airport security and questioned about an electronic metronome. I can just see TSA at that moment, (quoting the Bevis and Butthead movie) "Give him a full body cavity search and don't stop till you reach the back of his teeth".

Anywho, good lead in for silly jokes since I have nothing better to post.

True story. I was walking out of the bathroom at the local super market and saw a sign that said "Fire Exit"......I stopped and paused and thought "Isn't the entire idea to stop the fire?"

I was stopped at a check point, but didn't have my checkbook.

I never play billiards at a savings and loan because I am not good at bank shots.

A man suffering from cirrhosis went to England to get on a liverpool.


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