Morbid Vatican, By Brian37

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Morbid Vatican, By Brian37

Morbid Vatican, By Brian37

Bad enough

Are all the claims

Of magic births

And surviving rigor mortis


Bad enough

They ignore

Clear polythism

In their monotheism


Worship of Mary

Worship of saints

But digging up graves

To give skeleton's praise?


This is nothing

But a "Hall of fame"

The sport superstition

Credulity the game


Meanwhile condoms

Get condemnatioin

African's die

From bad avice


They took a body

Out of the tomb


Filling the room


And yet still

Pope after pope

Life after life

Nothing stops humans dying


What is productive

About all this

Futile and superflous

Doing absolutely nothing


It is witchcraft

Voodoo thought

Crossing one's fingers

And nothing more


Scowling they will

Of my blasphemy

Calling them on

Morbid absurdity


A dead body

Holding a magic wand

To become the middle man

Between followers and god


Thats what Saints do

God is too busy to do it all by himself

So he needs secretaries

To handle his calls


And to make him a Saint

They worship bones

The pixie dust

Keeps him on the throne


All the Saints

In their history

Are patrons Saints

Of absurdity



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