re: What is Trollishness on the web ?

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re: What is Trollishness on the web ?

Some place we need to start is with definitions..  I went to the Catholic forum, and asked about incivility. Here are some of the remarks back from them:

A sterotypic  Troll -- I am a fat ugly cynical troll living in my mother's basement and since I am unemployed I have nothing better to do all day than snipe at people online.  | A Catholic women wrote, People are anonymous online, so they think they can say whatever they want without regard to any consequences. People don't have to be polite online. Other people like stirring the pot and causing trouble or arguments. Then there are people who play devil's advocate, but the discussion spins out of control


  Trollish behaviour seem to be on the rise.  Real Trolls are much different. What do you think about  these  comments  ?