Anthropomorphism, By Brian37

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Anthropomorphism, By Brian37

Anthropomorphism, By Brian37


In early days

Of the sapient

Fear of earth

Made it god


Volcanos got mad

Shook them like fleas

Smothered them

Until they prayed


Angry clouds

Angry ocean


To bring migration


Then the gods

Grew limbs and faces

Became like us

In more places


Compete they did

In the family of kings

Tribal super heros

Have arived


To many to count

Akanaton tried to scale down

He made the sun

The one true god


Then the Zoroaster

Then the Jews

Do they really believe

This is something new?



Even today

Makes the universe

A thinking being


Why do humans

Insist on a "who"

With magical powers

To provide protection


It is fingers crossed

It is lucky socks

Lucky numbers

With epic delusion


If horses had gods

Someone once said

We make up gods

And that is what is


Volcanos are not gods

And gods are not familes

Cosmic dictators

Of monotheism


All of these

Are merely fiction

Of human desire

Of wanting protection



Is the projection of

Human qualities

And superstition


There was no god

And never will be

No mater the conjured


"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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