Atheist arrested in Palistine for blaspheming the Koran.

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Atheist arrested in Palistine for blaspheming the Koran.

And people wonder why I am so critical of political correctness.

This is not a shocker to me in the middle east. But I do warn the well intended liberals from trying to institutionalize blasphemy laws here in the states.

It would be nice if people wouldn't pick on us, but in the real world 6 billion people will not always like you or say only nice things about you. To the politically correct atheists who think it is a good idea for our governments to decide what "hate" is and want government to play thought police, always keep in mind that YOU may not be in the majority, or be the one writing the laws that everyone lives under.

To gays, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Jews and atheists who live as minorities in western society, don't shoot yourself in the foot with your good intent. You can potentially be handing your government the power to silence you from criticizing something you want to criticize.

This website is an example of a minority view that many believers, if given their way, would shut down.

The only way to protect your own rights is to protect the rights of those who hold apposing views, no matter how offensive.

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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