The Titanic Beckoning, By Brian37

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The Titanic Beckoning, By Brian37

The Titanic Beckoning, By Brian37

"I'm not a fear monger"
He decried
Two steps below
A real man's speech

"I'm pointing out the ice burg"
So we don't sink
Obama is a racist
Who hates the white man's wealth

"We need to kneel and pray"
The founders were monochromatic
Corporate owned government
Is the only way

Platitudes and placebos
Are the ice burg he creates
Selling a theocratic utopia
While he lines his pockets

No rules no rules
Let the pay gap explode
And if your mom cant pay for health care
She deserves an early grave

Oh Uncle Sam
It is the American Dream
To hand out money to banks
And stick us with the bill

Oh yes Glen
You do have a dream
That greed is good
And fuck the poor

Just blame them Glen
Even though my friends
Who live on manicured land
In the middle class

Even those who have
And work long hours too
Your jaded lip service to a god
Only makes you rich

They too Glen
Have a dream
That bills wont kill them
Or take their middle class houses

And you dare sully the name
Of someone who truly cared
By pretending to care
You don't

You use your God
And a great man
To advance your wealth
And nothing more

If I had a god
I would certainly hope
Would be your fate

Pursuit of happiness
Is what it says
Not jaded judgment
Of those with less

You invoke the founders
Leaving out half the story
That Jefferson despised
Passing around money

You fail to tell them
He valued real work
He valued small business
He valued the small guy

He educated his slaves
And wanted them free
Long before Lincoln
And would hate your speech

You are for Wal Mart
Not Main Street
Out for yourself
Nothing more

Yes Glen
There is an ice burg
It is your class war fare
Invoking god and corporate anarchy

You will not win Glen
We are not sheep
We are not fooled
By the lies you sell

E-Pluribus Unum
Is more than one class
More than one religion
That makes our nation last

You are sinking us
By raping the public
Blaming the poor
Praying on credulity to get more

There is a Beckoning
It is the mirror you face
Creating destruction
By your own greed

You are a glutton
A bloated blowhard
Using your God
To line your pockets

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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