Drug dealers hiding stash in Jesus paintings.

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Drug dealers hiding stash in Jesus paintings.

Just saw this story on Headline News.

First off WHY is this a story? Drug dealers dont give a shit what they hide something in if they think it will get past law enforcement.

But, if they do think this will magically work because it worked once, are they so fucking stupid to think that a drug sniffing dog cares one ratts ass what you hide it in?

It is just another example of a stupid superstition. If you break the law long enough, it is not a matter of IF but when you will eventually get caught.

No different than speeding. You might get away with it alot, but eventually if you do it enough, you will eventually get a ticket.

Which makes the painting a stupid  and irrelevant.

It is so stupid how media will find a way to work religion into ANY story just to keep attention.

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