Santa: An analogy

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Santa: An analogy

My wife and I were just talking about my 8 year old grandson.  We were wondering if this was going to be his last year believing in Santa before one of his friends would tell him the truth.  I began wonder that if no one told him the truth about Santa, how long would he continue to believe?  Would there come a point in time when he would use logic and come to the right conclusion himself?  OR would he continue to believe because others [loved ones..& other people he trusts] continue to tell him that there is a Santa? Point is that if you are brought up being told that there is a God, and others [loved ones.. people you trust + many others in your community + worldwide have the same belief], you would continue to believe.  Unfortunately, most times, you would continue to believe until your last dying breath.... Then and only then.. As the song goes, "Is that all there is?"  So all your his life you wasted some much valuable time praying to a deity which does not exist.... Sort of like sleeping.    Be it a christian, jew, etc.  All wasted time.  Time which could have been devoted to living life to its fullest.


I know!  Someone will post this reply..."Believing in god is living life to it fullest"... REALLY?????  If you were shielded from the false belief in a god, you would not say take the aforementioned position.  Your perception is what it is only because of the influence others had on you when you were growing up.. Just like they did when they told you there was a Santa!