A book that might change your worldview. :)

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A book that might change your worldview. :)

I am giving everyone a link to a book that is a revolution in thought.  This was my father's work.  He mentioned God throughout the book, but as I said in my earlier posts, this god is not the god of the bible but the laws that are governing our universe.  I am sure there will be things people disagree with, especially his claim that the eyes are not a sense organ and why this important to know.  Empiricists want evidence and according to them he did not provide enough.  They think he only made assertions. 

His second discovery is very clear, yet the empiricists couldn't understand how reasoning and observation led him to the absolute proof that man's will is not free, without experimental evidence confirming this. 

His third discovery is not online but has to do with death and the fact that we are born again and again; but not the same individual.  This obviously does not come from the kind of evidence empiricists claim is the ONLY evidence that is credible.  This discovery has nothing to do with reincarnation or the afterlife of heaven and hell.  He came to this understanding through certain clues that allowed him to make these observations.  

My father died in 1991, and I was left with his work.  I did the best I could to compile his 7 books, which were all the same concept except that he tried to simplify his writing by leaving certain parts out.  I felt the concept was becoming more difficult to understand instead of easier, so I tried to pull all of his writings together into one book.  I felt his work was so important that I posted the majority of it online yet there are people who tell me my motive is to make money.  I realize these are huge claims but please try to keep an open mind.  I didn't come here to defend his work.  I do encourage people to carefully analyze what is written before rejecting it.