Bible vs Intelligence

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Bible vs Intelligence

NOTE: Just so you know, I like to use the word "intelligence" instead of "knowledge" but they'll mean the same thing when I refer to them.


In past years the bible was the peak of scientific discovery, creationism was the evolution of it's day. But now with new intelligence the bible must be rewritten completely or discarded, the bible had been written before discovery of germs, a larger universe, and so much more. With the idea of a large universe and germs simply being fiction the bible seems very plausible if not an indefinite fact. God would not create individual germs and viruses with perfections and flaws in order to revenge against human sin, it's seems excessive. God would also not fear a tower reaching heaven if the universe is damn huge, unless he moved afterwards, where did he move anyway? Is god four dimensional and out of our perception of sight? Maybe, maybe not. Biblical intelligence is primitive compared to modern intelligence, for all we know our ideas may be disproved some way or another, we accept them as fact, but anything can happen.


ALSO! God would not be deceptive creating humans with physical similarities to apes although with a fused chromosome(referring to Ken Miller's presentation


I kind of typed this up really quick so don't mind with small errors I'll fix them later.