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The Realistic Predictable Venture.

(Title is a play on The Magical Mystery Tour...get it?  Ah, blow me...)


I found an article that I think most of you around here might get a real charge out of.  If this doesn't spark conversation, I'll be shocked.


Richard Dawkins is up to his old tricks and this time, he's taking it on the road.  Backed by A.C. Grayling and the British Humanist Association, they all saw fit to spread words, not "the word."  Of course, some people are a little offended by what they've done; mostly ignorant tourists. 

Well, people that hail from major metropolitan areas better get real cozy because the American Humanist Association is taking the BHA's lead and doing the same thing in the states by spreading their own message:  (above a guy in a santa suit reads the following) "Why believe in god?  Just be good for goodness' sake."  The Methodist Church have so far seen this as a positive message because they feel that it will get more people to talk about god.  Really?  They honestly believe that?  That's like an astronomer spotting an asteroid coming directly towards Earth and smiling because the reports will get more people to talk about the universe.

I'm not going to post the entire article because there are two pages, but have a look-see from the link ( and post your comments.