Don't give Paulson a $700,000,000,000 check!

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Don't give Paulson a $700,000,000,000 check!

All the politicians are lying about there will be no credit available. Profitable, well run companies can always get investment credit. Look at Warren Buffet putting $5B into Goldman Sacks. Individuals with a good job and credit history will always be able to get credit cards and a reasonable loan. The crisis is actually bringing sanity back to the lending industry. The only people that won't get credit are the one's that don't qualify anyway.

We need to let bad companies fail, even if these means people will be laid off. We will be better of in the end.

For now, the government should just set up about a $100B fund to buy the best bargains in foreclosure market. This should be run by the best experts in real estate not wall street. The will end the real estate bust so the market can recover.

Don't let Paulson have all this money to help his wall street cronies and to keep bad businesses in business. Write to your congress person.


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