Does it mean I win when...

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Does it mean I win when...

After discussing with a theist their methodology for knowledge of god, they conclude:

"The reason that you think that this "method" is horrible and twisted is because you overgeneralize it's utilization.

It is ONLY to be used in ONE very specific field of study. It is NOT applicable to any other field, and only a VERY SELECTIVE set of intial "truths".

The fact is that this "method" IS in fact extremely dangerous to use on any set of truths (the axiomatic starting points) but those provided by the Church!

THAT is why you are PERFECTLY CORRECT (in all but one case) in considering ANY person who uses this "religious method" to be INSANE and PERVERSE! What you fail to consider is that there IS a single case where this "method" is perectly safe and amazingly enriching.

Since your religion, your set of beliefs, won't allow you to make the distinction between proper use and improper use of the "method", you see (rightly in your blindness) ANY use of the "method" to be utterly harmful, and would prefer that all people see the danger just as you (rightly in your blindness) do."


Can anybody say "special pleading" ?

This is from a thread called "An atheist logical fallacy" over here


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