How Ben Stein was horribly wrong

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How Ben Stein was horribly wrong

It came to me while in the shower just a few moments ago.  Nazi's are a good example of evolution, just not the same way that Benny Stine thought.  Notice that, apart from some hicks in americas south, the Nazi's are pretty much dead.  Nazi's didn't live up to one of the prime evolutions that humans formed, communication and community.


Somthing as simple as the shoe, imagine the thousands of years it would take to evolve a better foot?  Instead of wasting so many individual human or pre-human lives in such a messy evolution, a few men or perhaps just one invented this human augmentation.  They could invent it in a world that they felt safe enough to ponder in, in a world where they could spread their ideas and even how to further their inventions.  Humans have survived evolution because they have evolved the methods and behaviors that allow them to adapt to almost any givens situation... civility.

To go beyond your limits you must first find them.