WARNING: The Birth Control "Patch" seems a bad idea

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WARNING: The Birth Control "Patch" seems a bad idea

WARNING: The Birth Control "Patch" seems a bad idea. Get back on the pill etc. I heard an hour of this on the KPFK public funded "free"radio today. Forward this imfo .... from  www.notmypatch.org

Read this, the petition,

60% more estrogen on average exposure;
greater variability in estrogen levels;
a possible two-fold increased risk of venous thrombosis (typically, painful blood clots of the leg which can travel to the lungs and cause death);
increased risk of side effects such as breast discomfort, severe menstrual pain, nausea, and vomiting;
a 50% increased likelihood of discontinuation;
no improvement in contraceptive outcomes.

MORE -  http://action.citizen.org/t/6578/content.jsp?content_KEY=4138

   The show was full of details. Maybe I could find the podcast if anyone is interested.