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Atheism and religion in the News XXVI


Once again, more news.   Fall of the House of Bush--A Book Review  

A new books looks at the role of christian fundamentalism in the Bush white house.


Although most Americans regard September 11 as the single event that changed the world, Craig Unger would argue that the 2000 presidential election served as a convergence point of certain groups of people who helped create what he calls “the greatest foreign policy disaster in American history—one that could result in the end of American global supremacy.” 

In an eloquent and fascinating study of the Neoconservatives, the Christian Fundamentalists and their presidential candidate, George W. Bush, Unger reveals their policymaking role in the Middle East. 

Today’s Neoconservatives were originally New Left intellectuals who came out of the sixties’ antiwar and counterculture movement as angry individuals who either felt rebuffed socially or professionally and/or were attracted to the hawkish anti-communist dogma of Democratic Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson. 

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Atheism and religion in the News XXV


And yet more news.     Peace in Pakistan?  

The rout of the fundies in Pakistan’s recent election seems to have given hope to that violence-torn country.


Sinking back in his armchair, Maulana Shuja ul-Mulk strokes his thick beard with one hand and the fluffy tail of a small toy dalmatian with the other. 'We were surprised by the results,' he admits from a supporter's home in the small rural western Pakistani town of Mardan, 'but we believe in democracy.'

Whether the claim is true or not, the hard political reality is that Mulk and his hardline religious party are now out of power. In the 2002 election, he and scores of other ultra-conservative clerics swept into government in Pakistan's turbulent North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) on a tide of anti-Americanism and resurgent religious enthusiasm, vowing to impose Islamic law. But in last week's national and provincial polls, voters backed secular and liberal candidates and evicted the ruling alliance of religious parties.

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Atheism and religion in the News XXIV


Another day, another blog.  

German Authorities Slam "The God Delusion" for Kids


Why do I get the feeling this book won’t be published in America anytime soon?


The German Family Ministry is pushing to have a book it says slurs Judaism, Christianity and Islam labeled dangerous for children. The book's publisher says kids have a right to enlightenment.


The German Family Ministry is pushing for the children's book "How Do I Get to God, Asked the Small Piglet," by written by Michael Schmidt-Salomon and illustrated by Helge Nyncke, to be included on a list of literature considered dangerous for young people.


"The three large religions of the world, Christianity, Islam and Judaism, are slurred in the book," the ministry wrote in a December memo. "The distinctive characteristics of each religion are made ridiculous."

  Link     A Pragmatist and a Lobbyist on Atheism   The story of an atheist lobbyist in America  

The atheist lobby, in the blonde, pregnant person of Jennifer Lange, waited with diminishing patience for the elevator in the Legislative Office Building.

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Atheism and religion in the news XXIII

Here we go again.               Kenya: Good People Doing Evil Things   An interesting news story from Africa.  

I FIND THE GOD DELUSION BY RICHARD Dawkins particularly relevant to Kenya's current political impasse: Why has it been felt necessary to call in religious leaders to broker peace? Have their pleas to the gangs of the discontented and dispossessed to put down their machetes helped? Of course not. Even the great Archbishop Desmond Tutu failed to achieve anything.

Dawkins asks of just such initiatives that involve the clergy: "But why the chaplain? Why not the gardener or the chef? Why are scientists so cravenly respectful towards the ambitions of theologians over questions that theologians are certainly no more qualified to answer than scientists themselves?"

Could it be that religion is part of the problem and not the solution? Has a blind faith in God and religious leaders led to a kind of fatalism and willingness which leads people to hand over responsibility for important decisions in their lives to others, in this case men who are clearly not cut out for the job? Dawkins even doubts that theology is a subject at all.

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Atheism and religion in the news XXII

And here it is yet again, sorry about the vacation, but I kinda was on vacation . That's my story anyway. On to the news.








Premier orders Lord's Prayer review


A story from my area.


Premier Dalton McGuinty wants to end the daily recital of the Lord's Prayer in the Legislature in what opposition parties are calling a bid to heal wounds from a divisive provincial election fought over religious schools.

McGuinty, whose Liberals were re-elected Oct. 10 partly by defending public funding of Catholic schools while attacking a Progressive Conservative scheme to extend it to other faith-based schools, made the surprise announcement yesterday.

"It's time for us to ensure that we have a prayer that better reflects our diversity," said the premier, who is Catholic.

"The members of the Ontario Legislature reflect the diversity of Ontario - be it Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or agnostic. It is time for our practices to do the same. That is the Ontario way," he wrote in a letter to the other party leaders.



University of Oxford to study why people have religion


They don't mention which god though.

The University of Oxford is to undertake a $4 million study to examine what it is that makes people believe in God.

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Atheism and religion in the news XXI

Hello all, time for another blog and more news.

Good people doing evil things

An African look at the current troubles in Kenya and what it has to do with religion.

I FIND THE GOD DELUSION BY RICHARD Dawkins particularly relevant to Kenya’s current political impasse: Why has it been felt necessary to call in religious leaders to broker peace? Have their pleas to the gangs of the discontented and dispossessed to put down their machetes helped? Of course not. Even the great Archbishop Desmond Tutu failed to achieve anything.

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Atheism and religion in the news XX

Howdy all, on the advice of sapient, I'm starting increasing the size of the quoted article. Hope you don't find it too long.







Atheists' MySpace page restored after hacking incident


Looks like myspace did something right for a change.


The "Atheist and Agnostic Group" MySpace page has been reactivated, a month after the page was deleted following a November 2007 hacking incident where unauthorized users renamed it "Jesus is Love."

The incident is the second reported high profile cyberattack in recent months on a religion-oriented webpage. Last month, the Church of Scientology's website experienced disruptions after it was threatened by a hacker group.

Bryan Pesta, a Cleveland State University assistant professor and the atheist group's founder, told the Cleveland Plain Dealer last week that his 35,000-member webpage had been shut down twice by the social networking site since its 2004 founding.






Rejection of status for atheist club sparks fiery Internet reaction.


A followup to an earlier story I posted in a previous blog, the atheists are revolting. J


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Atheism and religion in the news XIX

Sorry that this has taken a few days to put up. My computer has had problems and I have been busy. Anyways, read on.








Islam in British schools.


This blogger is defiantly right-wing, but he talks about an interesting subject.

Private Muslim schools have been given the power to police themselves, despite widespread fears over religious segregation... In a controversial move, they have won the right to appoint their own Ofsted-style inspectors.

A new independent watchdog has been set up to be more "sensitive" toward Islamic education.

The decision comes despite concerns some private Muslim schools are already failing to prepare pupils for life in modern Britain.



When Fundamentalists advertise with posters.

I love it when these guys do this crap, it shows how crazy they are.

A advertising poster for the Christian Congress for Traditional Values which claimed that gay people want to abolish families has been found to breach the advertising standards code.



Archbishop: Catholics Should Be Allowed to Discriminate with Government Funding

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Atheism and religion in the news XVIII

And yet more news once again. At the bottom of today's blog, there is a link to a google video of an interview of Noam Chomsky about the media today. I agree with many of his points, this should give you an idea of where I am coming from.


All those who hate Chomsky need not worry, the interviewer is rather aggressive, he's not from American TV btw, and he's from the BBC. J




Hitler and atheists.


Anyone who has argued with a theist will usually experience a real life version of godwin's law, they always bring up Hitler. This authour does a good job of refuting it.


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Atheism and religion in the news XVII

Hello all, a few people have im'd me about the various places I get this stuff from and why I read such a variety. There is a one main reason for this. I don't trust the news, maybe a bit odd for someone who reads so much, but the more you read the more you realize how little can be trusted. I have heard that 70% of news in America is actually written by PR firms and this makes perfect sense to me. Since the news is a business, if you can get someone else to do your work for you in a competitive industry, you will quickly be out of business if you don't.


Many people have bought into the idea that media companies are staffed full of intrepid reporters who go out and find things to inform the public about. This is also utter bullshit since the majority of stories you read in a newspaper either come from the aforementioned PR firms or simply bought from the associated press service.


With all this in mind, I try to figure out what the stories bias is while reading, it's always there in some form or the other.



Anyway, on to the news.




Britain has just legalized polygamy.

For guess who?


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