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Blowhard on Myspace Makes Outrageous Claims

So I get home today and have two messages on my Myspace blog ( and they're from this guy who claims to be friends with another Christian I ran into. Somehow this Christian's posts got deleted by Myspace (So did my two-hour responce to him and I don't know why). Here is my response to him:


I don't know what you're talking about, but I didn't delete any post - in fact I replied to it here on my blog. I'm surprised to find his post and mine both gone - but I promise you they were both here and I was waiting for him to reply back to me - apparently I see why it didn't happen.

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Prayer is the placebo that religion gives for an illness it created.

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Debate with QW85 Con't

[[[I see what you're saying and I respect it... however, there's a lot we don't know.]]]

That's the God of the Gaps fallacy again. You're plugging something you don't know into something you don't know. You're filling a gap of vagueness with something incredibly more vague. You don't see a problem with that?

[[[ We're human there are things that our brians can never even beging to comprehend and maybe that's just it. Maybe God is something we physically can not comprhend. ]]]

But by admitting this you admit that God has no influence in our lives anyway...even if he did exist he wouldn't physically or mentally effect us in any way. SO why believe in him? His existence is irrelevant to your life. More important things bills, your family, and your friends, school, your whole future. Why waste that by giving over some of that life, which you will never ever get back, to something which has absolutely no effect on your reality?

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Debate with QW85

Here is a debate over several PM's with a person, QW85, who will remain anonymous for the sake of publicity. Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

QW85: Okay see now I see what you're saying and I've run into these people and honestly I want to slap them main because they're the ones who tell me I'm going to hell because I'm not the same Christian religion as they are, in the infamous words of Cheer from Clueless, WHATEVER!!!!

I understand, and agree. However these are the same people running our country, the same brainless idiots who force the ban on gay marriages, these are the people in power...and it's the people who don't think like they do who give them the power.

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