Would You Torture Your Own Children?

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If not, then why would you imagine that a 'god' would?

1) An omnipotent god would not have wrath. Limited humans, who have emotional reactions, have 'wrath' and a 'need for wrath" A god would have no needs, no emotional reactions. he would not need to have wrath for those "who persistently reject him". Why would an omnipotent being be so petty and small?

2) nor would he have any need to punish his own creation, for he is perfectly responsible for his own creation. Whatever is, must be, through his fiat alone. The idea of a god creating a situation he dislikes, over which he is perfectly responsible, is illogical and absurd.

3) no such being would have a need to mete out any sort of human justice, he would be beyond it. You and I have no need to mete out justice over the trespasses of ants.

4) His own creation cannot 'persistently reject' him infinitely, as an infinite time span would never end. This claim therefore is oxymornic.

5) all human beings, as finite creatures, would have the ability to be rehabilitated, and as this god is omnipotent, it would be possible for him to help humans achieve this. Ergo an omnipotent being punishing his own creation for being precisely as it must be is also illogical in that it presumes that an omnipotent creator cannot save his own creation from infinite torture in hell.

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"Hitler burned people like Anne Frank, for that we call him evil.
"God" burns Anne Frank eternally. For that, theists call him 'good.'

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There is also the fact that parents torture or abuse their childrens minds. When I grew up, I asked why I was lied to about god. But there is a misstatement about lying. When parents,or anyone else, makes statements they believe are true, that is not lying. If you later decide that what you heard is not true, yet they continue to believe it is true, there is no lying here. What you have discovered is that two people can have opposing views and each believes only one view is true. But reality, did hurt us. Isnt it better if parents/society made us prepared for new changes that may come ?

Here is a videos I made concerning this....



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LOL. I never did that I just

LOL. I never did that I just showed up. Maybe I should introduce myself now. Hi, I'm deludedgod, I live in Hong Kong and I have been an active poster for almost 11 weeks now. As a biologist, I have a speciality in dealing with creationist idiots, with specific interest towards molecular evolution.

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Yes. If my children didn't

Yes. If my children didn't believe in me I would definitely torture them. Of course you can't blame me for it. If my children think I don't exist, it was their choice to be tortured.

I don't do the actual torturing. I'm too good for that. I have them renditioned to an enemy who does that for me, named Stanstanistan Crusade ibn abn Oilwell. Not really FOR me since they elected to be tortured. Why Osama, who hates me so much he once tried to blow me up, agreed to torture my children I don't know. Call it a mutual love-hate relationship.

(sorry Tod. I coudln't resist)