Why I agree with atheists...as a CHRISTIAN

I have to be completely honest here...I believe this is a Christian nation as much as I believe I have three eyes, no nose and a horn growing out of the left side of my neck. This is NOT a Christian nation and any Christian out there who claims it is has been deluded by Right Wing, Conservative Christian Right silliness/sillyness (depending on how one chooses to spell it). For this reason I think it is silly to try to "Save Christmas" or "Save Easter" in anyway. Even from a Biblical standpoint Paul did not march up the Caeser and say, "I have a petition of 100000 of Jesus' followers and we demand that you end this persecution now!" Why didn't he do that? Well someone may say because he did not live in a democratic nation. Or....he believed in what he wrote as an apostle of the faith: "For I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek." (Romans 1:16)There has never been a Christian nation and there never will be a Christian nation, not on this side of eternity at least. The sooner we understand that as Christians, the better off we will be. I believe that the majority of what is called "Christianity" in this nation is sad at best and a blaspheme to Christ as worst. We have fought so diligently for the courts and for the House and pee our pants with joy when a politician calls themselves a "Christian". We have churches with thousands of members, but only 5% of them have ANY desire whatsoever to do any real self-denial and look like Christ. Christians (so-called) in this nation, for the most part, are just as money hungry and immoral as our counter-parts, but the difference is that we call ourselves Christians. I have a friend who used to pray for persecution of the Christian faith to begin in this nation, for it is in the fire that the straw burns and the gold is purified, but I disagreed with him vehemently.Why did I disagree with him? Simple. When Christians actually begin to mirror Christ we won't need to beg for persecution or pray for it. It will come because the World hates Christ and hates those who "look" anything like Him throughout their day.