Why Christianity?

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It is quite frequently asked of me why I spend so much time and effort combating Christianity rather than the multitude of other religions that are out there. The answer has always been because Christianity is the dominate religion in this part of the world and therefore it has an impact upon my daily life.

You have to ponder why this is so. How did a little cult system in Imperial Rome become the dominant religion in the western world?

Constantine proclaimed that he had a vision in which the savior-hero of Pauline Christianity spoke to him. Thus he established Pauline Christianity symbolised by the cross as the central belief system of his empire.

Remember first and foremost what was on Constantines mind at the time. He was preparing an invasion, preparing to go to war. The cross was a symbol of death, and he utylised it as such. He held the cross in front of his men and they rallied to war, held it to represent death to his enemies.

Polytheistic religions often presented problems in matters of war. A monotheistic religion gave his men the idea that they were fighting for the one and only true king of all creation, as though all the other gods were mere pretenders for the throne. Gnostic Christianity and the neoplatonistic philosophies allowed for too much dispute. The Pauline church, however, had assumed a Romanesque hierarchical system with authoritarian values.

Within an authoritarian system, there could be no room for dissent. The one that held the authority was right even if he was wrong. Such a thing would work well for the militant-minded warmongers.

It is often said that the crusades and such were committed by those who "weren't really Christians". If this is so, then there was not a disciple of Christ that was a real christian, and Paul himself was not a real Christian. The fact is, these were the movers and shapers of the Christian religion. Times have changed, and Christianity may have adapted somewhat over the ages, but the legacy of the Christian faith is a legacy of mindless submission to authority and murderous crusades in the name of their god.

I am become death, destroyer of worlds