We're still in action, and I'm around more often...

I recently announced that Kelly and I broke up, yes I know... shocker.  Don't feel bad though, without getting into the details let me say that it's a positive thing, at least in some regards.  I'm an optimistic and happy person and for the last 18 months I didn't have the chance to feel those emotions as much, and it showed in RRS production. 

Many of the people who still frequent the site were aware already, but I wanted to send a letter to all of you welcoming you back, reminding you that I (along with many leading contributors) never took my eye off the prize: a world with no religion.  Imagine it, it's easy if you try.  Consider hopping back into the conversations on www.rationalresponders.com 

Over the next few weeks you'll see some updating and changes.

If you had let yourself buy into any of the rumors and accusations about me or RRS, you can look forward to a full Q & A to be posted on the site within weeks.  For now I started that discussion on facebook due to the fact that I wanted to know what actual "friends" had bought into.  Doing what I do, I tend to have quite a few Christians setting forth thousands of false ideas about me online, and I wasn't interested in entertaining all of those rumors. 

If you would like to read the rumor thread you can get more details here:

The facebook page currently has these questions/rumors answered, in detail...

What's Rook doing?  Was Kelly in porn?  Where have you been?  Where is the radio show? Is it true you had a falling out with Dawkins and if so, what?  Did you have a falling out with Margaret Downey?  Do you still talk to Kelly?  Is RRS still going on?  Is there new management?  What happened with youtube?  Did you pressure an underage girl into masturbation in front of kids?  Did you max out Matt Shizzles credit card and kick him to the curb?  All this and more when haters go wild! 


The mod team and I hope to see you on the forums soon!!!  

- Brian Sapient

P.S.  Captain Pineapple finally abandoned deism and now calls herself a non-believer!!  Come congratulate her here: http://www.rationalresponders.com/forum/18528