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I have gone back to school. This would be a good portion of the reason I'm still missing in action.

Lovely thing, the school I last went to apparently closed a few years ago, and the system subsequently lost the last couple years of my records. So I had to start back at grade 9, though I'd been in 11.

On the bright side, I skipped through 9 and 10 in a single day, and have gone through about 3/4's of English 11 in the last couple weeks. Once I figure out exactly what I need for grad, it shouldn't take me too long.

Oh, did I mention the school has blocked RRS? So unfortunately I can't even come here when I'm there.

Ah well. Anyway, I'll still pop by whenever I can, and at some point will be back the way I used to be. The bonus is that having graduated will make my arguments that much more effective.


In closing, everyone I've presented it to loved a short story I wrote that is actually the first chapter of a massive tale I've had in mind for close to a decade now. Since I got full marks for it and my teacher has almost begged me for chapter two, I figure it's got to be pretty good. So I present it to you in my next blog post, coming up in about 5-10 minutes. I will very much appreciate any feedback anyone wants to present, even if it's awhile before I can see it. I'm not retyping out the errors that the teacher marked, so you comments on grammar or spelling aren't necessary, but if you want to what the hell eh?



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